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Feb 10, 2009

Kitchen Kudos - something new

Kitchen Kudos can be found in my sidebar. See it over there? No? Scroll down.
For the most part, my family loves my cooking. There was, however, a season of experimenting with low fat/no fat recipes when they were not my biggest fans! I repented and returned to the recipes of my upbringing. Truly, fat is funner!

Of course, I'm talking about the good fats. You know, avocado, olive oil, nuts & seeds...those fats. Although I do reserve bacon drippings for seasoning. Okay, I just busted myself with this picture. I'm frying catfish & hushpuppies. No good fats there!
Occasionally I have featured recipes in a blog post but I am going to try something new - (I'm copying Angela.) . I'm posting recipes in the sidebar. For a while. Until I tire. Which I may. Because I like change and the "new".

Why Kitchen Kudos? The recipes in Kitchen Kudos are those my mother taught me or are from other sources I like. I rarely follow a recipe to the letter. I tweak a lot!

My mother, who taught me how to tweak, would be tickled to hear me say she taught me "recipes." She didn't teach recipes. She taught me how to cook. And tweak. She's a master tweaker. Mistress of Tweak?

Oh! Why Kitchen Kudos? It features food I like to cook in my kitchen and kudos means fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement.

Well I am famous in my kitchen and renown for quick & tasty. And keepin it real, sometimes I am just famous for burning popcorn on the stove (2 nights ago). Nevertheless I enjoy the kudos from my kiddos & One Fine Man on my efforts in the kitchen. Today I give you the recipe for My Favorite Cornbread. Tomorrow? Who knows...maybe my favorite roast beef.

If it sizzles when you pour the batter in the skillet, you've got a winner!

And we have a winner! Moist on the inside, crispy around the edges!

Check out the recipe in the sidebar. Do you make cornbread like I do? Do you add sugar to yours?


  1. YUM! I want to hop through the screen and eat up that cornbread!!! I don't have one of those skillets. And, I've always made cornbread by Jiffy. I know, I know, that's the easy way out. I'd really like to try this. I'll start looking for a good iron skillet.

  2. Hi Melanie-
    I suppose you think that I have forgotten about you or that I didn't notice your sweet comment on my blog several weeks ago. I did. Of course your name caught my eye, as I am sure mine did for you.

    Bella Della is in honor of my grandma- Della. The Bella part just sort of popped into my head one day and then I sort of fell into blogging by accident. A very happy accident.

    I am adding you to my blog list now and promise to come back and visit. Your blog looks fantastic.

    I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!


  3. Looks yummy. I like my cornbreak sweet and moist. (And baked by someone other than me!) LOL!

  4. Oh my hubbie would love a cornbread and veggies dinner. I will try it this weekend. (no sugar) Thanks, B

  5. I want you to know i love cornbread i can't make it to save my life...however some of my fondest memories are of sitting at my grandmom and greatgrandmoms tables having white (the nonsweet kind) cornbread in milk.

  6. Another pondering thought about the leaves in your hair, your comment on the B log about another leaf. My azalea bloom was a double....2 blooms. Before the abundance of blooms comes, the pruning happens. Melanie, the Lord wants His Glory to shine MORE in your life. He is in the process of doing a new thing. Seasons are changing, even in FL. B

  7. Hey Mel,
    Have you ever tried adding a few extra ingredients and making Mexican Cornbread? My Dad was telling me about some he ate at a birthday party of one of his friends. I looked through my cookbooks but didn't find a recipe. I'll try google. Sounds yummy! Have you shared your Taco Soup recipe yet? That's a good one.

  8. I add sugar to my cornbread. Yummy! And, if I can remember the ingredients to a recipe, I never look at the paper again, ever. So I guess I am a fellow tweaker.

  9. No one is giving me their kudos for my kitchen quisine. You will never see my side-bar filled with recipes. Alas, I love a good one to try, and this cornbread fits the bill! We love cornbread. I can't tell you how many wonderful recipes I've gleaned in blog land over the past year! Thanks.