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Feb 3, 2009

FODD stuff...

This week, and it's only Tuesday, I have had some things that have happened to me. Funny or odd (FODD)? You decide.

#1 Last Sunday I came down from the choir loft and walked down the side aisle of the church. When I got to the back, I bent down to greet a couple and hug their necks. I rose from my crouched position...so far so good...but about 3 footsteps past them, I got the left heel of my peeptoes caught in the right cuff of my very long dress pants. In that instant a few thoughts flashed through my mind. "The pastor and all of the people still on the stage are faced my direction." "The people in the sound booth and the overflow section are wondering if I am going to do a face plant." "I wonder if an usher will help me up if I fall." And, "Please don't fall. Please don't fall. Please don't fall."

Fortunately I recovered my footing and didn't fall. But I did a little hop, skip and duck. However as a former high school musical cast member (not that one), I stayed "in character" and continued on my way with a noble smile.

Guitar Girl, who was on stage and witnessed her mother's performance, had to stifle her giggles. And that afternoon she kindly re-enacted my performance. A couple of times.
What are kids for if not to mirror your mishaps and weird mannerisms...which they'll inherit ~ you watch!

The thing is, this has happened to me several times when I wear cuffed trousers. (I like the word trousers.) Trousers. Trousers. Trou~sers.
Say it. It's fun.

#2 Monday while teaching a high school Spanish class, a student to my right leaned in to me and picked a leaf out of my hair! A leaf. A dead, brown leaf. In my hair. I just have no idea...But "Muchas gracias, Ashley."
Now back to trabajo, clase. Como se dice "leaf" en espanol? Yeah...I thought so.

#3 Following an afternoon of homeschooling in the van (vanschooling)while we waited for my husband to finish his hyperbaric treatments, I had promised Skate~Boy a treat. Down the road we went until we spied a Dunkin' Donuts. Skate~Boy belted out the "Hallelujah Chorus" and I took that as a sign to swerve in. You may not believe in signs but I do. Since I am taking a break from sugar, this visit to the drive-thru was strictly for Skate~Boy. Strictly.

I pulled up to the menu and got confused by the lunch options. (Actually I am menu-challenged and may do a future post on my menu malady.) So after the "May I help you?" my brilliant reply was, "Are ya'll still serving donuts?"

Yeah. At Dunkin' Donuts. The place that makes and serves donuts 24/7. If Bill Engvall had been there, I'm sure I would have heard, "Here's your sign." 'Cause like I already said, "I believe in signs."

Hey Dunkin' Donuts! Just so ya know...I love your coffee way better than some other fancy schamncy coffee houses! See? And I'll be back for lunch! But first I'll have to peruse your lunch menu online. Because that's what I do. Because I'm menu-challenged.
How about you? Had any Fodd occurences lately? Do Tell!

(Top photo by Linda Charlene)


  1. So funny! You teach Spanish??? My kids are in a dual language program. My dream is to take my kiddos on a mission trip using their Spanish language...I may need you to catch me up!!

  2. The hysterical thing about this....I am severely menu challenged. As in, I've ordered family platters before and have strangers busting out laughing at the sight sitting before me. I always preview menus online. Too funny.

  3. Hola Senora Bella~Mella (no tilde on my keyboard)Como esta ud? Estoy contento, pero a veces estoy consado.
    (I hope that makes sense :S)
    Y tu?(no upside down question mark either, or accent.)

  4. Gracias fot la risa amiga! food occurrences...does goat head in Haiti last week count?

  5. No doubt you have had a FODD couple of days. Maybe the leaf was from a recent pruning? Fruit coming soon!!!! My h.s. children are in their third Spanish class. They are both going to Honduras this summer on a ten day mission trip. As for the trouser incident, it sounds like you made a memorable recovery step. And to add a smile! I am wearing my trousers to Bible study this morning. I will b careful. I need to sign up to be a follower of your blog. I have missed a couple of posts. My dog sees my husband as master too. I am the cook, door opener, water bowl keeper, snack girl, groomer...I have accepted my role as his favorite servant. Glad you have done the same. I pray your fine man's recovery is coming along well. Have a great day!b

  6. ha ha ha ha! You made me laugh out loud this morning Mel! Even though we've never "met", I can picture you asking DD if they're still serving doughnuts! That's a riot!

    Now about the heels and pants: this is exactly why I steer away from heels. I'm too clumsy for such a poised accessory. You on the other hand, were just having an off day. I know you're a classy, graceful gal!

    I can't wait to see what Wednesday brings!

    And BTW - you're a spanish teacher too? Is there ANYTHING you don't do??? All I know is my colors and numbers (teaching them to Will)

    I have FODD moments every day of my life. So choosing one to share...hmmmm, let me stew on that. :)

  7. Funny.

    It's kindof like ordering a chili-cheese dog at Dairy Queen. Doesn't quite fit does it?

    To discuss my FODD happenings would take to long. My life is a constant stream of FODD.

    And yes, I do like saying the word trousers. It sounds so official, so perfect, so trim and so much more than what I am...



  8. Thanks for making me smile today. I have that problem with pants (okay, trousers!) and heels too. I've done that dance many times. Graceful. :-)

  9. ok Dunkin Donuts has a lunch menu really??? and how does one forgo sugar??

    I am balance challenged in anything but sneakers and sometimes in those so your hop, skip duck i was laughing with you about!!!

  10. You are too funny! I sometimes get flustered at drive throughs. I feel like I have to order quickly so the people behind me don't get upset.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed your FODD moments. :D

    One of my most embarassing moments in my life had to do with a fall preceded by a very long hop-skip-jump dances with an encore. My dad, who never laughed but only chuckled when ammused, was laughing so hard he was in tears. There was quite a crowd at my performance.

    They don't have 24/7 donut houses here in Texas. I was highly disappointed at that discovery shortly after moving here.

  12. Love it! That's one of the Carolina Girls interview questions - as you may know - important things. Sbux or DD? :)

  13. Love it! That's one of the Carolina Girls interview questions - as you may know - important things. Sbux or DD? :)