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Feb 5, 2009


I got my do~over! However my self-appointed Happy New Year did not turn out exactly as I had imagined. (What does?) From February 1 – 3, I was determined to look for God in unusual places. I chose something I could offer as a sacrifice of worship to God during these three days. (No details here.)
Nevertheless, the Mom/Wife life continued and, for the most part, my special three days to seek and hear from God looked much the same as the previous three weeks!
I rose early to take TechSon to his school, taught my morning high school Spanish classes at another school, drove One Fine Man to treatment and homeschooled Skate~Boy in the van while we waited. We picked TechSon up from school and then finally home again to prepare dinner!

In between I did what so many of you also do daily: put chicken/beef/pork in the crockpot, fed/walked/watered the pup, swept/washed/assisted with a 9th grade Middle Ages history project and talked with Guitar Girl about a possible change in her college major.

Amid the "dailies," I grabbed snatches of time to pray, ponder and prepare my heart to hear from God. My three days passed and I was beginning to think I would have to declare yet another Happy New Year and a second do~over!
But Day Four…
On the afternoon of the fourth day, I sat at my desk and thought how even though I had made a small sacrifice and tried to make myself more available to God’s voice, I felt I had not hit the mark for the purpose of my appointed days.

And then God interrupted my thoughts. He brought to mind two separate occasions…both occurring on the fourth day. On the first occasion I felt God leading me to do something but since it involved anther person I felt a bit hesitant but jumped in anyway.

On the second occasion, I felt God leading me to NOT do a thing. It was regarding something that is very opposite to what I would normally do in the given situation. But I obeyed and refrained. God reminded me of these two acts of obedience and brought this scripture to mind, “[Obedience] is greater than sacrifice" I Samuel 15:22.
I thanked God for His word and His reassurance that I had not spent my do-over in vain.
That in and of itself was a blessing to me.
But then there was the desire I have for my yearly theme. What about that I wondered? This is one time that I didn’t have to wait on the answer to that question.

No sooner did my thought wing its way upward than God gave me my theme. And what He gave me was One Word. Was I disappointed that all I got was one word?
No! All it takes is ONE WORD. One word from God can give you renewed hope, a new piece to your dream puzzle, and a punch of color for your purpose! God has ignited a new fire in my belly for 2009. There is stirring a hunger and a thirst for MORE, MORE, MOREOF HIM.
I would love to share my ONE WORD with you but that will have to wait for the appointed time and another word from HIM on that one. That next word? GO!
(There is a hint here somewhere as to the ONE WORD if you can find it.)

Now I must share with you what happened on Day Five…


  1. Hey Melanie--this is so good. I just read a post yesterday from Joyful (do you know her?) about the power of one word. So good to see God was uniting His troops :)

    Also, as I took your New Year's do over challenge, I came up with, you guessed it, one word. This is the Year of Yes for me.

    I read on Bring the Rain last night that Angie was "saying no to the fear and yes to the Providence of God." I think I'll do the same and it looks like you are too.

    Blessings my friend!

  2. Ok I must be obtuse because i see several one words that would be it...i don't just see one...

    I am so glad you got your do over...you know your days look sort of like mine :)

  3. Hey Melanie...Thank you for always having an encouraging word even in the middle of your difficult time!
    I think your one word is Obedience...That's my best guess:)!

  4. Did you get new blog wallpaper? Was the writing on the wall???? Ok...You have to TELL your new word. I love fresh words. Is it MORE? Because that is one of the things He is saying to me and my friend B. By the way, You can NEVER miss the mark when you seek to make yourself more available to hear His voice. You've kept Him smiling! So....TELL me you word or blog it soon. I have found the official sign up for your blog. Thank you Lord. I will be looking for a fly by the B log to hear the latest. This is exciting! B

  5. I'm guessing it's more, but regardless I'm just so excited that you are listening for and hearing God. I hope you continue to be encouraged.

    Happy Do-Over!

  6. Ok now this just isn't fair to leave us hanging on the edge of a cliff like this. Is it *wing* or *fly*? I thought of more too but it seemed to obvious. The suspence is killing me. :)

    I am glad you got your Word my friend, and your theme. Happy New Year!!

  7. Oh, I did see that and I meant to add it to my list of guesses. God is constantly sending me messages and puzzle pieces. I love to ponder what He is doing. The beans need to simmer. I get that. I will pray for what God is speaking to you. B

  8. I love the way you write - in color - literally and figuratively! Happy New Year's Do~Over to you!!

  9. Melanie, thanks for visiting me. It was a delight to come over and read this post.

    For the past ten years the Lord has been giving me a theme verse. This year it is 1 Corinthians 2:2, For I resolve to know nothing this year except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

    Simply Jesus is my goal.
    His will be mine in 2009.

  10. Hey I say it's DEEP ~ as in Go Deep! If you want more then Go Deep! David said "Deep calls unto deep!" This year I want to "go deep". Okay - I probaly missed the clues but this sounded good.
    Can't wait to read more.

  11. The power of one Word, indeed. You've got my curiousity peeked. I'll be back later for the reveal.

    Your days sound a whole lot like mine, minus the petcare. Kids are enough care all on their own.

    Have a great weekend.


  12. I was thinking, like Edie....cliffhanger~I've never been good at riddles or treasure hunts. I'll have to check back. My thinking is if it's one word, it must be one profound word...