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Feb 26, 2009

My Life is Too Sweet for the White Stuff!

My life is sweet enough without adding the white stuff. From time to time I go sugar-free for several days. That doesn't mean I substitute with artificial sweeteners. However I do have stevia, a natural herbal sweetener, in my pantry for oatmeal or fresh lemonade. I am currently on day 5 of a 21 day sugar-free ride! Whee!!! I started to say journey, but that seemed so serious. So ride it is.
Like I said, I do this off and on. Last week I was on. On sugar, that is. You can see how my sugar celebration went down here.

I'll let you in on a little secret for curing a sugar crave. Grapefruit! I have been known to eat a grapefruit while the rest of 'em around here partook of doughnuts ~ Krispy Kreme. I'm telling you there's power in the grapefruit! I like mine chilled and sprinkled with sea salt.

Aside from being an excellent source of Vitamin C, there are so many other reasons to love grapefruit but here are just a few:

* good for your skin

* helps reduce appetite

* balances the nervous system

* excellent source of iron

* a cleanser for the digestive system

* high in antioxidant activity

How do you tame your "sweet" tooth?

My sweet goal: Reserve the white stuff for special holiday treats (groundhog day does not count) and the birthday cakes I bake for One Fine Man and the kids.
As much as I enjoy my Florida citrus fruit, maybe I should become their next spokeswoman.

Sweetly yours,

* Do you recognize the lady picking the Florida orange? One Fine Man didn't!
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  1. I love grapefruit! I can't imagine salting it though... my husband does that with oranges and I don't care for it. Good for you dumping the sugar. When my sweet tooth is calling, I have fruit. If I'm being good. ; ) Pineapple is really sweet! Strawberries too. And I love tangerines.

  2. Today (Day 1) I started a cut back program also known as a healthy diet. No sweets unless it's fruit and no junk. Everything else in moderation and no fatty food. So far, so good : ) I will follow your title...My life is too good not to be good to my body. B

  3. Too funny! I'm on day 3 of no sugar or starch for that matter. I was starting to get really bad headaches again so...off the sugar and starch I go. I like grapefruit but it doesn't like me. Burns my stomach - gives me heartburn. Same thing happens with OJ. Oh well! I think you would be the perfect FL Citrus Girl. How do you audition? Have a happy evening! :-)

  4. You are too cute ! This is great. I now want to go for a grapefruit. I love them and just do not keep them around as much in the winter.

    This was inspiring. Thank you. :) And good luck!

    Glad your son is doing better. That is a Praise! :)

    By the way, the Tigers were born in Hburg! :) Can you believe! We did love it there. Mt. Man is a USM alumni.

  5. ok i subdue my sweet tooth by having a spoon of ice cream...yes i can have only one spoonful

  6. Melanie, thank you so much for visiting my fitness blog and for you warm words. You are beautiful too! Must be the LIGHT OF CHRIST that we see in each other. Thanks for the FYI on your grapefruit post. I do eat them. I'm not able to often because any citrusy (is that a word?), foods at times creates a little blister in the top of my mouth.

    I'm sure I'll enjoy your blog and even more so getting to know you. Bless you.

  7. I have a bad sugar addiction. No joke. But I am thinking about it, and that is the first step. I just love sweets. SO MUCH!

  8. how funny, i love grapefruit and have been eating it a lot lately. problem is...it is so covered with mounds of sugar, it doesn't look pink anymore. shame on me...but i LOVE it that way! ☺

  9. Okay, I knew grapefruits were good for you but I did not know all that. Very interesting.

    I can't imagine being sugar free. But, I'm weird in that I don't really have a sweet tooth. Cookies and stuff like that go stale in our house. I don't even like chocolate. Yeah, I know...not even right. LOL.

    Now sugar in coffee.....that's another story!

  10. I like grapefruit but I haven't had one is ages. I have to say though, I like it with sugar on it. But I can drink yellow grapefruit juice without sugar.

    When it comes to sugar I just have to tell myself "NO" and think of the benefits of doing without.

  11. Grapefruit are just the best...especially the red ones! I know...they are from Texas...and of course, you should be eating homegrown. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I like grapefruit too, but my favorite way to have them is broiled with a little sugar and cinnamon on top!

    And whatever happened to Anita Bryant, anyway?

  13. A good friend from church gave me some home grown grapefruits and they were so good...but I was bad with the white stuff! I wish I could eat them with nothing on them but I am unable to. Have you ever tried substitute white stuff on one? It doesn't sound very appetizing does it?
    Have a great big blessed day!

  14. Anita Bryant! See, I knew I would know it. :)

  15. I found your blog on someone else's awhile ago and come back to read from time to time. I also am trying to give up sugar for days at a time! I'm seriously addicted (I have a baking blog!!) and know I need help! Your posts about your sweet son make me cry - thanks for being so real! You and your family have been in my prayers.