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Feb 11, 2009

Worth the Wake-Up - and why Guitar Girl owes me BIG!

Why do you wake up early?

For that first cup of brew?
A long commute?
Or an 8:00 class?

No matter your reason for rising early, make sure you load up before you go! Even if you’re just going back to bed.

Florida Citrus…loaded with Vitamin C and other good stuff.

It’s worth the wake-up….even when you don’t have to.

What you have just witnessed is the reason Guitar Girl owes me BIG!
I served as the subject of her story board for a college communications class assignment. I left out some of the pictures she used: Woman yawning. Woman walking down hallway to kitchen. Woman walking back to bedroom. Woman laughing hysterically as Guitar Girl "directed" me in my commercial debut. (She didn't use that picture either.)
Her project was on power point and she narrated the copy.

Check out Ted, the Wonder Pup. He couldn't figure out what we were up to!

Thank you and Good Night.


  1. You are a great mom!!! And the orange looks yummy.

  2. You are funny! Boy, your hair looks good in the morning. I believe the Florida Orange growers would like that smile and script on their brochure. Yes guitar girl does owe you...

  3. I was thinking to myself, wow, she looks great at 6:00 am. If you never mentioned the project, we would have been asking for your beauty secrets! LOL! (Well we still could use your beauty secrets - you look great no matter what time it is!)

  4. You are my kind of girl....oh, I DON'T like getting up early. Could sleep til 10 - literally but I have been doing a 6 am aerobics class just twice a week...I am a wimp like that. Those two days - get me just like your guitar girl. :)

  5. Hahaha! You are a great mom! I thought you were awfully perky for just waking up! LOL. And I'm with everyone else on how good you look in the morning too.

    Yes guitar girl owes you big. I hope she gets a good grade on this. :D

  6. Melanie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been "lurking" at your blog for a little while. I'll be stopping by more often!

  7. 6 am isn't early. I am already at work by then and have been to the gym on my way here. My family wants to film me in my sleep but they will have to get up pretty early to do that.

  8. so funny:! You are way cute in the morning! So perky! Amazing!
    I was wondering if you purchased stock in an orange juice corp???