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Feb 25, 2009

An Elaboration & A Bonus 5

I feel the need to elaborate on parts of my list of 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me. Elaboration in red...

#1 I was born in Louisiana and have lived in 10 states or more. (I've lost count.) While my dad was born and raised in the same town in LA I was born in, I actually never lived there. My parents were living in Arkansas and my mother went to stay with her MIL to have me. I have, however, lived in these southern states: MS, GA, TN. I have also lived out east, way out west and in the middle of the map. Florida has been our home for the past 18 years.
#2 While a college student, I got lost in Romania and asked for directions in French. That impressed the 2 guys I was lost with! Hey - I impressed myself! I was a member of a touring choir called The Lee Singers. One summer we went to Russia and Romania. My guy pals and I got lost from the hotel our group was staying in. My college French classes came in handy that day since the Romanian policeman spoke French. "Pardon, monsieur. Je cherche l'hotel ________, s'il vous plait."

#3 I drove a rental car in Italy; I prayed a lot in Italy.

My husband was taking a business trip to Italy during the month of our 20th anniversary. Using sky miles, I accompanied him. Since he was only free during the evenings and a weekend, it was either drive the rental car or be stuck in a hotel all day long! Our hotel was not in the heart of a city so there was no walking to see the sites. Only driving. I prayed. I drove. I ate gelato. I'm pretty sure I got the Italian "finger" at least once. Prego!

#4 I attended a seminary; I prayed a lot in seminary.

I love God's Word. I love to teach. I am motivated to help people live their best lives. My classes centered around counseling.

#5 Two of my very best friends and I have communications degrees from the same university. (Birds of a feather...)
#6 I enjoy cooking but put off the dish washing, hoping someone else will do that part. (Sometimes someone else does.)

#7 The first time I saw my husband to be, I was in the choir loft and he was sitting with another woman. I thought to myself, "Stinkin' on it! Gina gets all the good looking guys!" Turned out they were just "friends." (Stinkin' on it...must be a Louisiana term.) "Stinkin' on it." Make sure you pronounce the word "on" like this "own." This may, in fact, be a Mississippi saying as my mother is from MS. Or maybe it was just a term we used in our family of 5!
#8 The last time I attended the opera, I had a secret desire to jump on stage and belt out, "O Mio Babbino Caro."
The last time I attended the opera, my 11 yr. old was not born yet! It may have been the 2nd time I ever attended the opera. While I did want to jump up and sing "O Mio Babbino Caro," I no longer sing the Italian arias that I rehearsed during voice classes. When I sing solos now it is likely to be a Yolanda Adams, Cece Winans or Vicki Yohe song. One of my favorite from Yolanda Adams is "Let Us Worship" and a favorite of CeCe Winans is "Jesus, You're Beautiful." Vicki Yohe's "I Just Want You" is one I love to sing, too.
#9 I started off as a voice major. (Now #8 makes sense!)

#10 The summer after I graduated from college, I interviewed a pilot for a local cable news show and he let me fly w/him and "steer" the plane.

Bonus 5 - I have homeschooled for 15 years. I teach in a Christian school part time. I am a homebody. I appreciate textiles. I organize my thoughts but my desk is a mess.


  1. Thanks, daughter! So this is what I get for birthing you naturally, reading 40 books/week to you when you were little, homeschooling you for 9 years and feeding your boyfriend the last of my chicken & dumplins?!
    Okay...you're right. My desk is a Big Time Mess. 'Just keepin' it real.
    Love you Guitar Girl!!!

  2. My desk is cluttered with important stuff all around so is my nightstand. I love books! B

  3. Aren't all desks--that are truly used--supposed to look that way???

    I see where you're a She Speaks grad too! We didn't meet last year, but are you going this year? I am !! Looking forward to it so much!


  4. you're a fun, classy girl. wish we lived closer!

  5. Amen for organized thoughts and messy desks...or messy everything else in this case over here!!

    And, I surely say "stink!" maybe I'll have to add the own it...hmmm

  6. Natural childbirth? What, are you on drugs? LOL - pun intended! Actually WHY weren't you on drugs? heehee.

    Thanks for elaborating on your list. :-)

  7. I keep trying to organize my desk but the mess keeps jumping back on it! Come to think of it, I don't always have my thoughts organized either. :)

    Have a great day!!

  8. You are so cute! I am glad I visited your site so I could get the explanation of your getting lost in Romania fact...Your site is very fun!

    And you have lived in MS before...That is where I have lived (almost) all of my life!

  9. Cool news about you!!
    Have a blessed day!