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Feb 20, 2009

Ten Things You Didn't Know (about me)

#1 I was born in Louisiana and have lived in 10 states or more. (I've lost count.)

#2 While a college student, I got lost in Romania and asked for directions in French. That impressed the 2 guys I was lost with! Hey - I impressed myself!

#3 I drove a rental car in Italy; I prayed a lot in Italy.

#4 I attended a seminary; I prayed a lot in seminary.

#5 Two of my very best friends and I have communications degrees from the same university. (Birds of a feather...)

#6 I enjoy cooking but put off the dish washing, hoping someone else will do that part. (Sometimes someone else does.)

#7 The first time I saw my husband to be, I was in the choir loft and he was sitting with another woman. I thought to myself, "Stinkin' on it! Gina gets all the good looking guys!" Turned out they were just "friends." (Stinkin' on it...must be a Louisiana term.)

#8 The last time I attended the opera, I had a secret desire to jump on stage and belt out, "O Mio Babbino Caro."

#9 I started off as a voice major. (Now #8 makes sense!)

#10 The summer after I graduated from college, I interviewed a pilot for a local cable news show and he let me fly w/him and "steer" the plane.

So, do we have anything in common? Do Tell!

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  1. Wow love that!! the opera not that I wanted to jump on stage!!

  2. I was born in LA too. I have lived in 5 states.

    I seriously asked God one day if He would let me sing 'good' now that I knew Him. I am not kidding. I heard Him laugh. I have felt His smile lots of times but only once have I heard Him laugh. He said,"You'll sing, Barbara in a different way." *There is something significant in those words to me for the future. God never speaks random thoughts.*

    I thought about seminary. Does that count? As a matter of fact I was thinking about it this morning before I read your post. HMMM...

    I am bored with my cooking. I used your recipes over the weekend. Thumbs up! And the dishes are mine but I can look out my huge kitchen window and watch the birds while I clean. (Thank you Lord for all my feathered friends.)
    The first time my husband saw me he thought I was cute: )
    I have driven only in the US. I would love to go to Italy.
    I am not an opera fan but admire the rich voices. I want to hear you sing. I will try not to B jealous : )
    My dad was a pilot and owned a plane while I was growing up. I didn't really want to fly then...only now. B

  3. Born in New Orleans (sorry I don't know that term :) (I do know whereyat!) Love to cook, Opera and have been lost in Eurpoe asked for directions in French in Paris and no one was impressed so don't worry. :)

    Summer in Innsbruck Austria. Bible college not Seminary. First saw my husband in church. :)

    Please come join the very first, "Pray It Friday!" It's a virtual prayer chain if you wish. So exciting to pray and share. Would love to have you join in and spread the work.

    God Bless!

  4. Well, we don't have much in common. I once had a guy offer to let me fly his helicopter, but I was dating my hubby at the time, so I declined the helicopter date.

    At musicals I always want to jump on stage and sing...but not the opera.

    Born, raised & never left Virginia.

    But I do pray alot. ;-)

  5. hi melanie! nice to meetcha. well i am awed by all your achievements but the one tidbit that stood out that i identify with?..."stinkin". i like that word and use it too, although i've never heard "stinkin' on it"..pretty cute! thanks for stopping by.

  6. Friend, your life is way more interesting than mine! Romania? Italy? Opera? French?

    You go, girl!

  7. I love to travel and I love to sing. Not too fond of opera though. You are braver (or crazier)than I- you DROVE in ITALY? I'm impressed. I love to cook too. I enjoy these types of posts!

  8. So glad to read more about you mella!!!! I would love to hear you sing....maybe we could start a band:)!The young chick rockers")!!LOL!(see what a little sun does to my brain:))

  9. Do we have something in common?
    I wish!!!

    I wish I had been to Europe!

    I wish I had a voice that could want to sing on a stage other than our small church...(though I am not sure opera would be my choice)I'd like a Jaci Valasquez voice if i could pick:D

    I wish I had the guts to sit in a pilot's seat in the sky, well maybe I would if given the chance...

    I wish I had some theology schooling in my background...

    Truly though, I am content being me :D
    But loved reading about your many blessings!

  10. Our love for God and his Word. I think that's where our common ground lies...

    What an adventure you've lived.