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Feb 10, 2010

No Box! ~ Morning Poetry

No Box!
by Melanie Dorsey

A box cannot contain my love for you nor who you are.
Not any kind of box.
Not the ones that will store clothes and toys and boy stuff.
Not the one that holds a jar of clay in a place it hurts to see your name.
Andrew C. Dorsey.
It seems so wrong.
It hurts so much.
But listen!
Listen to my heart.
The place where names are eternal,
That’s where your name belongs and is.
In a book, not on a box .
In a book, not on a name plate under the red flowers.
In a book, the Lamb’s Book,
Where Eternal Life has signed your name.
Andrew Christopher Dorsey
(photograph by Linda Charlene)
The UPS man just came. Only 2 labels. So one box left here. Thank you for praying. It was hard. I told the man. I cried. He said he was sorry. Me, too.


  1. Honey, I am sorry! I didn't see the edit yesterday, so I had to go back and see what happened. I'm glad you got those horrible things out of your house. That is not a memory to keep. Keep the lovely artworks and photos.

    And keep Andrew C Dorsey forever in your heart, until that time when you see him again in the presence of the King!

  2. Your heart is poured out in your words dear sister. My prayers are pouring out for you and your family.

  3. Melanie, I missed the update yesterday too...but was praying and am now for you and your family. Love and hugs and much, much prayer.

  4. Melanie, that was a beautiful poem. Andrew's name is written on your heart, also. And you are so right that his name belongs where it is..in the Lamb's Book of Life, where one day, your name will be written, and mine, and your family, and and and....
    God Bless you, ginny

  5. I am continually praying for you, Melanie. The hurt must seem unbearable. We serve an awesome God.

  6. Praying for you. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. Thank you for allowing us to be with you as you take one step at a time...and on those days when you must crawl slowly...thank you for letting us into your world to pray and love you.

  7. The tears came as I read this. It is just so hard and so painful for you and your family. I am so sorry! It is all so difficult to understand right now. I hope it helps to be able to share it with those who care so much.

  8. Tears here too Melanie, just popped out when I read your poem. Bless the UPS guy, he was touched as well, and it helped to tell him.

    One box left, and then... no more boxes!

    I just had a 'snaphot' in my mind of Andrew on his skateboard, speeding down a gold street, no boxes there!



  9. The boxes....I didn't think about the boy stuff going into the boxes. It does seem so wrong. My heart aches for you and this most painful season in your life.

    Thank you Jesus, for Life Everlasting!

    The sharing of your heart in words...is precious to me friend.

    Sending my love and my prayers,

  10. oh Melanie...I'm in tears again...How we love those boys!
    It must have been so painful~I'm so sorry you had to start your day out like this!
    May God give you something that lightens your load!
    I love your words of love for Andrew...His eyes are so beautiful and I can tell his heart is too!

  11. Oh Melanie,

    All I can think of right now is how all of us need Jesus, the One who overcame death. So sad for all the pain your family is going through. Andrew lives on the other side and is full of joy unspeakable. Praying for the day we see face to face. love u, B

  12. He holds your tears in a bottle, and knows your pain like NO OTHER would. We cannot know, but HE can. Bless your heart, and I pray He will continue to give you strength without measure, mercy to take the next step, grace to hold onto HIM.

  13. Oh Melanie I too somehow missed the post about those medical boxes. I am praying now it all went OK. The poem just holds all your heart pours out. It's beautiful. Praise God Andrew's name is in that Lamb's Book of Life. I pray the Lord continues to hold you up during this sad season. Hugs, Debbie

  14. Melanie,

    I love our friendship.
    I love that you can see beyond a box to the Book.

    But, I am so, so, sorry that we are friends for the reason we are friends and I'm so sorry that our precious boys had their names added to the Book before us.

    The only thought I have that makes me smile is that Andrew and Nick never have to grieve the loss of their moms or dads or friends or brothers or sisters......they KNOW FULLY JUST AS THEY ARE KNOWN.....THEIR FAITH HAS BECOME SIGHT............

    For that reason alone I am thankful.....not much more....

    Love you dearly.

    Precious friend.


  15. I have a beautiful urn on the shelf in my bedroom closest which has my son's name on it. He doesn't belong in it either but will remain there until he can come with me to lay beside his father.
    It is just a symbol, my son is in my heart, he has always been a part of me even before he was born.
    My heart is heavy for you as I see you going through your grief...you have to do it sweetie and you loved Andrew for a very long time and you always will so don't let anyone take your grief away, you will feel it when you have finished this journey and the vice like feeling on your chest will lift. I know God is with you as you grieve your beloved Andrew, much love to you and your family. Always in my heart and prayers.....:-) Hugs

  16. My heart breaks as I read your last couple of posts. Praying God gives you any extra dose of grace!

  17. My heart is with you Melanie...I continue to pray for a time of peace for you and your family.

  18. Melanie:

    First, let me say that even in the midst of your worst pain - I love how God's love for you - is ooozzing out of your spirit in the words you wrote here:

    "In a book, not on a box .
    In a book, not on a name plate under the red flowers.
    In a book, the Lamb’s Book,
    Where Eternal Life has signed your name.
    "Andrew Christopher Dorsey"

    Wow! The whole thing is profound in what the pain of those boxes of that 'stuff' meant - yet God brought beauty from those ashes!

    I only share this - so you know - that I know - that same pain - or close to it!

    When my husband, Bob, died 3+ years ago, there were two large boxes of pumps, needles, syringes, tubing, leftover hospice drugs, and the like. I must have put these items away and forgotten about them.

    But about a year ago, I was cleaning out a spare bedroom closet. I was alone when I found them. My heart sank and my knees buckled under me. My heart flooded with pain and sorrow all over again. I cried out to God that I did not want to deal with this pain again. I begged Him to help me and show me how to get rid of all of it without having to look through it. No one had ever asked for any of it back [I wish they had]. Almost immediately, I posted a prayer for help from girls in my Bible studies. Two of them are nurses and one works for Hispice.They responded to my plea. I took the unopened boxes to church the next day and my friend, Sharon took them. God answered my prayer before those words were off my tongue!

    None of this is [was] easy! It is very hard. But it's where I learned to trust God one-step-at-a time - even when I could only crawl! HE is faithful!

    I am just in awe of Him - and of you!

    You are AS precious in His sight - as "Andrew Christopher Dorsey"!
    He [EL ROI] sees you - both - with the same EYES!

    My heart sobs with yours
    and rejoices with yours too,
    JESUS ONLY in 2010

  19. Sweet Friend,

    Somehow I missed your previous post for prayer and I am so sorry that you had to be reminded of those things that needed to be picked up.

    Your penned words from the very depth of your heart, your soul are oh so beautiful. Your sweet Andrew is an absolute treasure...a treasure not held in a box but in a book, the Lamb's Book.

    You are always in my mind, my heart and my prayers as well as your precious family Mealnie. I love you dear one.

    Big Hugs,

  20. Came to check on you and have been praying...won't stop either! One. day. at. a. time. One. hour. whatever it takes HE is with you and we are too!

    My heart is with you

  21. Came to check on you and have been praying...won't stop either! One. day. at. a. time. One. hour. whatever it takes HE is with you and we are too!

    My heart is with you

  22. not in a box. your boy is not in a box. not in a box. he doesn't belong in a box.
    i will be meditating on these words for days to come.
    this is just beautiful and profound and i am weeping with you tonight, dear sister. xoxo

  23. Amen, Melanie, in the Lamb's Book of Life! Praying for comfort and peace ~Hugs ~

  24. this makes me cry

    sending you hugs and love and prayers

  25. I cried when I read this. Which leads me to pray for you, for all of you. To call your names out loud to Him, and I know He hears.

    'May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.' Romans 15:13

  26. This brings tears to my eyes... I'm so sorry, too, Melanie, and I was praying!

    With love,