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Feb 11, 2010

Daddy Lap ~ Morning Prayer

Oh Abba, dear Abba, Let me climb up in your daddy lap and cry awhile. The heart of Daddy protects and provides. That’s what I need today. For you well know the enemy of my soul seeks to sift and destroy. But, You, Daddy ~ You are on guard. You wall me in. Your hand upon my head is both my father and my mother. The maternal hand smoothes furrowed brow and whispers words in dulcet tones while Daddy’s arms are strong and gentle. So safe is Daddy’s lap for daughter.
I am yours. You are mine.
Now in His Name who fixed my way to Father, Amen.
(photo by Linda Charlene)


  1. Your prayer writings are eloquent, flowing, gentle; comforting...

    You are in God's care, you radiate The Spirit, you are an attractive witness, and I am pleased to be able to interact with you~

  2. Melanie...I am so sick of cancer...every week, more people I meet, hear of....it is a heavy burden to bear....as I KNOW you KNOW...
    I WISH it would all go away...

  3. I appreciate you sharing so honestly. Your prayers are healing. Thank you. May God comfort you more and more as you cuddle into His chest.

    Hugs and love, friend.

  4. There's no better place for Abba's girls than on their Daddy's lap. Love you...

  5. Oh how many times I have had to crawl up on my Father's lap and weep and wail in pain. I feel safe and protected and loved as I allowed Him to soothe my soul. That's the way to do it, Melanie. Do not give in to the one who seeks to destroy and deceive. God bless you..love, ginny

  6. Hide out with Him. He is your strength and song. Jesus Calling said that about strength and song a couple of days ago. I keep thinking about it. Love, B

  7. What a beautiful prayer.

    Love and hugs to you dear one,

  8. Do you feel His arms around you, Melanie? Let Him cradle you--rock you a while. Rest there. Life will wait a little while.

  9. So true... Both Mother and Father love. May you feel Him loving you AND Andrew and your husband, and daughter, and son...

  10. Beautiful Melanie, just beautiful.
    I wonder if God lets your boy eavesdrop in on your prayers...
    love to you,