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Feb 4, 2010

My Morning Prayers

For the past three mornings I have written a prayer from my heart to my Father.
photography by my friend ~ Linda Charlene

The morning of 2/4/10
"Abba, the ancient Homer said it is a “disgrace to stay long and return empty.” But who is he? Just a Greek. You, Father, are Creator. Your hand tips and empties. Your hand scoops and fills. I will stay long with you, and empty or full, I will not be disgraced. Like your son, I have set my face like flint and I will not be ashamed. In the strong name ~ Jesus ~ Amen."

The morning of 2/3/10
"Father, as I seek Your face, I realize there is no where else to go. Wherever I go, You find me. You breathe and I am moved under your maternal wing. I stir and Your eye is ever watchful. I tell You I trust You with my treasures. Some are here. Some are there. All are in Your keeping. The night is long but the moon still shines on the water. In the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen"

The morning of 2/2/10
"Father, your grace is enough. Perfect your strength in my weakness, for I am weak and undone. And may I take pleasure in distresses that the power of your son may rest upon me. Regardless of my heart break, may You lead me in triumph and allow me to spread the fragrance of Christ as I stand, as I walk,as I kneel. Your will is the only way for me. In the name above all names ~ Jesus ~ Amen."


  1. Melanie:

    Honestly, I have no words for this. These prayers are the cry of a broken but yielded heart. A heart that KNOWS that her God is still the answer, for all of it! And I can't tell you how that blesses me this morning.



  2. i have no words either but i wanted you to know that i was here.

    praying. i love you!

  3. Melanie, such precious words and prayers directed by the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. He knows how to pray through you. When our hearts are broken and our thoughts unable to express, then He is the one who "speaks" through our uplifted hearts.
    love and blessings,

  4. Beautiful Melanie, please know this morning that you are not just our Father's child--you are His favorite. Praying with you today that I might have a heart like His.

  5. Grace-filled and heart-felt prayers. I would love to see a collection of these, along with beautiful photography (as displayed here) in a book someday. My friend, Shirley, at "sketches of a common life" lost a daughter a couple of years ago. She has a flair for photography and words and has coupled them together in beautiful measure through "blurb" books. I'm seeing your heart there, doing something like this.

    For what it's worth...

    You have much to teach us, sweet one, about faith and the walk therein.

    Keep to it.


  6. Beautiful prayers Melanie...God loves your words and loves to hear from you! Aren't we just so lucky? These prayers are so comforting to me now also as I am dealing with a new diagnosis of gestational diabetes and preparing to start taking insulin shots next week. I am trying to praise Him for the healthy child growing inside me, but it's sure not always easy.

    Keep praying my friend, our Lord is so faithful!

  7. I'm with you in prayer. These pics and prayers are a heavenly scent. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful Sister,

    I am in awe of your beautiful prayers...in absolute awe...truly the Holy Spirit is leading you in your mind, heart, soul and is gracefully pouring them out not only to our beautiful Father in heaven but to all of us here through your pen. I am deeply, deeply, deeply touched this day.

    May God's grace fill you to even more overflowing today.

    Love you,

  9. Beautiful prayers. You are so encouraging to me. Yes, as you continue on, YOU are encouraging ME.

  10. I struggle these days with words to pray to our Father... and I've been through nothing compared to you...

    I thank God for you - and your words - and pray that doesn't upset you.

  11. Dear Mel,
    You and your beautiful family remain in my thoughts and prayers!
    Words never seem enough to express my deep sorrow. I am so sorry.

    May God ease your pain and suffering.
    Kathleen Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

  12. I was just at a Ladies Retreat and one of the points I took home from it was based on II Cor 1:3-4.....turn your miseries into ministries; this is exactly what you've done. You've pointed so many to Christ and to God the Father. Bless you and I will continue to pray for your family!


  13. Melanie,
    I just came over from A DAY IN THE LIFE I am completely heartbroken for your family, Andrew is just beautiful. Thanks you for sharing you heart's prayers, what a beautiful example of Christ's love you are sharing. I love the picture of Andrew skate boaring & your caption. What a memory, what a beautiful thought of him skateboarding on streets of gold. I look forward to following your blog & hearing more memories about Andrew.

  14. Oh, Melanie, such precious prayers ~ You are precious in His sight. Love and Hugs ~

  15. Joining with you in prayer,

  16. You sound like a woman who's been in the Word a long time to pour out like you do during this time of change. You are a great child of God.

    You know Andrew is eating better than all of us right now. :)


  17. Beautiful prayers, wonderful words from the heart. This is the purest form of prayer. I know that the Lord is so pleased with you and your never ceasing faith in Him.
    Melanie please pray for my niece Stephanie age 25 who was admitted last night as an emergency. Her inner lining of the carotid artery (right side) is splitting apart and creating a pocket of blood and a clot. She is capable of stroking out at any time. No reason for this in someone her age. It could have been a result of neck trauma last June in a car crash, but nothing positive. She and her parents need strength and prayers to get through this. Thank you. ginny

  18. Melanie:

    First I love how each one of these prayers is taken from Scripture.

    I was visualizing the LORD filling you up over the last few years - with HIMSELF - so that as you come back to the reality of what life will be now - HIMSELF - is what will pour out of you onto others.

    *So we too may be healed of heart when we go through a similar suffering.

    *So that God's glory shines through your life [and through Andrew's life].

    *So that we can lift your arms [like Aaron and Hur] when you need a 'victory'!

    *So that others will desire the LORD - to take part in that same filling.

    Like a hot air balloon that rises up to oversee all that is below... God is the fuel that gives you the freedom to fly high above the pain and sorry and grief.

    Your heart has filled us up today! May the Name of the Lord our God be praised!!

    Hugs, Stephanie

  19. Thank you Jesus for your girl Melanie. She's beautiful. Hold her and her family in your righteous right hand. b

  20. Impossible to imagine how this must be so painful, your loss... Your Faith is inspiring, your prayers are lovely! Certainly the Bless God's ears... "You, Father, are Creator. Your hand tips and empties. Your hand scoops and fills."

    Thank you for your wonderful words/ meditations. I found your Blog from Debra's 'Day in the Life' and have become a 'Follower'
    Ciao, Mella~