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Feb 4, 2010

My Two Mamaws

My two mamaws,
Mamie Jane and Josie May.
Initials transposed,
Faith exposed.
Trusting in a Savior
Neither one could see.
Hands served and hands raised,
Suppers on tables,
God they praised.
I want to be
What they showed me.
Both in Heaven
Glory Be!
I have been thinking about my two mamaws lately. I guess because I hope they were present to welcome their great grandchild into Heaven. Andrew will love them!
Mamie Jane, a Mississippi woman and Josie May, a Louisiana woman...both women of God. Loving Jesus...loving their families...southern cooking loved by all whose feet found rest 'neath their tables.
And I am Melanie Jane.


  1. What wonderful reunions we all will have someday soon. Great grandmas with a legacy are a real special gift from God. Great post!

  2. I imagine they were right there to scoop Andrew up for lots of Mamaw hugs and love.

    Continuing to pray for you, andrea

  3. I agree with Judy and Andrea above.

    Praying still...hugs and love.

  4. What a wonderful thought...so were you from MS or La???


  5. Of course you are Melanie Jane, just like my husband Joe, is Joe Frank! To this day... no one else but his grandmother has ever called him Joe Frank!

    I'll bet both Mamaws were at the front of the greeting line when Andrew arrived!

  6. For Suzanne from "southern inspiration"
    I was born in Louisiana, started school in Mississippi. From there lived in PA, IL, CA, WA, MO, OH.
    Back to MS for hs.
    TN for college, then to GA.
    Now in FL!
    Daughter born in GA,
    Sons born in FL.

  7. Melanie,
    I was born in MS, too and grew up in Vidalia, La.
    You've been around, girl! ;D

  8. Homecoming. The line 'What a day of rejoicing that will be' comes to my mind. I am a LA girl too. B

  9. Your morning prayers are beautiful, intimate, deep. I know they touch the heart of God.

    I love my "mawmaws!" I've been thinking about them lots lately :)

    love you!

  10. WOW You've really lived in a lot of states...I totally agree with everyone else. I've no doubt Andrew was greeted at the gates by both of those special ladies. I LOVE the knowledge of knowing both of my beloved Gram's are there waiting for all of us. Still praying, Debbie

  11. What a beautiful thought Melanie and I am sure you are right...your grandmothers are taking care of Andrew until you are all together. It will be glorious for all of you, still praying for you and your family......:-) Hugs

  12. Sweet Friend,

    Such beautiful thoughts about your Mamaws. Yes indeed, I bet they were waiting with arms wide open when Andrew rolled in on his skateboard to meet them.

    My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.


  13. Oh, what a sweet post, and how neat that you have your mamaws' initials. I'm sure they are loving on Andrew up in Heaven.

  14. Melanie dear, I would say you are walking in you dear mawmaws footsteps. How wonderful to have that picture of your loving grandmothers there waiting for Andrew!!

  15. Woo Hoo, the love and many hugs Andrew must get everyday.

  16. Melanie, your prayers and writings have been a blessing to me the last few days. Your transparency and sincerity are refreshing, and I've drawn strength from them. Ironically, just the other day I was reading your blog and thought how much your Mamaw Williams would enjoy reading it. (She was so proud of you, but I know I don't have to tell you that). Bless you!

    I miss your Mamaw Mamie Jane. She was a wonderful friend to me. I miss our talks, laughs, and times of prayer. What a blessing she was to this little boy roaming around Morgantown! Each semester for one of the class devotions in the courses I teach I tell the story of her calling into ministry. What joy she and your Papaw Williams are sharing with Andrew and their other loved ones! We are separated by time... but soon time will separate us no more and we will experience that same endless joy with God and our loved ones.

    Please know I think of you all and am continuing to pray for you.