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Feb 22, 2010

Awkward Places ~ Morning Prayer

It is an awkward place in which I sit, stand, and lie…pushing Comfort away…then tapping on its shoulder. Too confusing for Comfort? It must be and I am sorry for that.
My mind words, images and make-believe conversations rush like the Hoover Dam broke loose.
I can talk to lots of folks but they aren’t even in the room. Still, the dialogue runs like a winding road. Real and imagined phrases like stones to scramble over. Stones yet to be smoothed from water’s wearing.
But Your water will wash over me again and fill all the cracked places and natural crevices. Your friend Job ~ that scary Ancient? He called You, a “watcher of men” and was a burden even for his own back to carry.
Yes, messy man Job, the tome I feared most and mostly avoided. Now I am stuck with you in a weird place...messing around in the dark.
Oh Abba, I think my honest words are ok with you. My freshman year request is often on my lips ~ “Now let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight...”
Oh, yes, Lord! Strength. Place and person of Redemption.
My love to you this morning!

(photo by Linda Charlene)

*freshman year request - As a college student, Psalm 19:14 was our chapel benediction.


  1. May Abba, answer your beautiful prayer....be gentle with yourself sweet friend. You have just begun a journey unknown to you and it will take time......:-) Hugs

  2. (((hugs))) no words...just more (((hugs)))

  3. "So let us come boldly to the very throne of God and stay there to receive His mercy and to find grace to help us in our times of need." Heb.4:16

    I'm so blessed you do this often. He longs for you~

  4. Dear One,

    May He give you the desires of your heart...may He soothe your soul, strengthen you and give you joy despite the your sadness and missing him so. My mind and heart are wrapped around you tightly each day as well as my payers.

    Love you so much Melanie.


  5. Type, the last word in first paragraph should read prayers.

    My mind is on so much today.

  6. Sending love your way! Hugs, Tara

  7. Melanie, We are so blessed to be able to climb up on our Abba's lap and pour out our hearts to Him. Beautiful prayer!

  8. Hello Melanie! What a beautiful prayer..Thinking and praying for you...
    Love and hugs...Jerelene

  9. i believe your words are beautiful in his sight sweet one. i love your words. i love you.

  10. Indeed your honest words are more than okay with GOD....he wants you to cry out to HIM with all you have...and sometimes that may be merely groans and grunts...that is okay...HE is there for you.

    Thank you for being honest. Your words are painfully beautiful. I am privileged to continue praying for you.

  11. H loves us with an everlasting love and knows all our thoughts. He is filled with compassion and tender mercy. Love and Hugs ~

  12. Your freshman year request is perfect for a lifetime. I admire you're being able to "verbalize" what so many people feel and go through, but do not have the words to express.
    hugs and love, dear Melanie,

  13. Even in the dark God sees. He may not may fix everything in our time but He will sustain us. Thank you for you honest and seeking heart.