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Mar 28, 2011

In Good Company

It is raining and thundering like crazy. I can't go for a run. I don't like to run inside so the treadmill at the Y is out. And I am eating way too much Back to Nature 100% Natural Chocolate Delight granola which by the way is a BoGo at Publix this week. 
I bought 4 bags.
Ted, the dog, is scared and is guarding my feet where they reside under my desk. Actually Ted doesn't care about my feet as much as he is simply hiding out under my desk. 
And I am feeling very out of sorts. This happens sometimes.

I think I have arrived at that stage in my life in which, when I can't find something I just had in my hand, I FEEL like I am going CRAZY!
And then I dramatically exclaim, "I FEEL like I am going CRAZY!" and then I ask one of my kids or my husband, "Do you think I am going crazy?"
And the reply is usually "no" except when there is no reply. 

They say silence speaks volumes. 

Lately I have been losing coupons and keys. 

My husband and I are really not much alike on a variety of subjects.
He likes naps. 
I don't.
Given the chance, he likes to sleep late.
Sleeping late makes me feel sick and lazy.
When he is stressed, he likes to sleep. 
When I am stressed, I have to move.(I don't mean for this list to be all about sleeping and naps.)
He likes Frosted Flakes. I like the healthy stuff.
He can skip coffee in the mornings. I require 2 or 3 cups.
He can go with the flow. I tend to want to control things.
I tend to use the word "tend" a lot. He typically uses the word "typically." A lot. Typically, that is. 
He pronounces this word: "pecan" like "pee-cahn" and with an emphasis on the "pee" part.
I say "puh-cahn" with an emphasis on "cahn."
He melts butters for his popcorn. I prefer sea salt - no butter.

And that's about it. Not really. But I'll stop now.

This is the point. Although my husband and I have many differences, on the really important stuff ~ we're on the same page.

This weekend we were driving somewhere and I had one of those crazy moments happen right before we left home. It was probably involving keys.

And I said to him, "Seriously, when things like that happen lately, I feel like I am going crazy!"

And he replied, "That's ok. We'll just go crazy together."

And I answered, "Good. 'Cause CRAZY likes company."

See? On the really important stuff, we're a lot alike.


  1. Love this. And I've always heard that crazy people don't wonder if they're crazy ; )

  2. Oh Melanie, I needed so much to hear this. I feel like I'm going crazy too so often--losing things, forgetting names, etc. My kids just laugh.

    And I'm on vacation with my family right now and I seem to notice more than ever the differences between my husband and myself. My goodness, how on earth do we stay married when we go on vacation?? :)

  3. I love this! Oh how this is so familiar. Thanks for always being honest and true and saying it out loud. Love reading your stuff:)

  4. I think it must be our ages/stages of life. We're feeling a little crazy too... they say the mind is the first thing to go~ ha ha.

    On another note, I didn't get this post e-mailed to me. I'm going to sign up again and see if your next one comes through.