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Mar 8, 2011

He's Been Faithful

The first time I sang again after Andrew passed to Heaven was nine days later at a Christmas candlelight service. 

Last fall I had the opportunity to speak twice in Maryland and sing again. 
I chose a song I have been singing for many years but never, never has it had more meaning than now.

Click here to view a 5 minute video clip of the song and bits of the message I spoke on from Galatians.

I suppose  I should start using vimeo for my video uploads so I can put upload them to blogger. 

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  1. Melanie...what a perfect post for me this morning! This song has been my all time favorite for my life ever since I heard the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sing it. I have the lyrics typed and taped to the inside of my Bible. It is the message of my life and I was so blessed to hear you sing a bit of it today! thanks for sharing your lovely voice with us!

  2. One of my favorite songs that Brooklyn Tab sings..Our close friend sang it at Parkers baby dedication

  3. I just popped by to say hi, get caught up and tell you that your comment about only being a people person with some people on Sandy's post is awesome!!

    And that I had the same conversation with my husband about thinking and being a few weeks ago. After all these years, he still has no idea or understanding of the thinking that takes place inside my head. I still don't understand how he doesn't...

    Are you going to She Speaks this year?
    Still working on the running questions. well, actually haven't started yet. ;D
    But I am running 5X each week!

  4. Hey, Melanie! I loved this!! You have a beautiful voice, sweet friend! And, I love that song. Your message was wonderful! Wish I could have heard all of it! I am one of those who waits! I know that I'm not going to hear His audible voice, but I know that I do hear from Him through His Word and songs and by others. Thanks so much for this post!

  5. Conffession is good for the soul! When our 21 days with 'you and ndrew' were over, I had a lapse!! :(

    I'm fully back on board.

    What I've discovered for sure is that the 30 minutes of exercise are a KEY for me. It makes the commitment firm and holds me in place, knowing I've given 30 minutes to the day.

    So off I go to get my tennie and MOVE!!!

    Melanie and Andrew... my motivation today!! :)