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Mar 10, 2011

Got Fruit?

 ~ I'm a guest blogger at Roof With A View today. Click on the link to visit and read my post.

I'm working on my notes for the Fruit of the Spirit breakfast May 14th at Gulf Coast Church Family Life Center at 9:30 a.m. (Largo, FL)
And you are all invited. Hey, I'd love to share a cup of coffee with 2 or 200 of you!

In the meantime, I'd love your feedback on "fruit." (Galatians 5:22:23)
"But the fruit of the Spirit is...
  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Longsuffering
  5. Goodness
  6. Kindness
  7. Faithfulness
  8. Gentleness
  9. Self-control
Against such there is no law."

While these are virtues produced by the Holy Spirit, and not by the work of our flesh, do you find one or two of them to be more challenging to live out?

Thanks for your input and insight!


  1. Hi Melanie! Recently I read a book by Elizabeth George titled "A Woman's Walk with God" about the Fruit of the Spirit. It was very good and I learned quite a bit. For instance, Ms. George says that patience is doing nothing to things done or said to you. Me? I want to respond when someone talks about or does something to me or my family. Rather, I should do nothing and ask God to direct me. I try to operate more in kindness - to be more aware of those around me and speak or act in kindness.

    Will you be sharing your notes or anything from your speaking? I know it will be very interesting.

    Wish I could join you for breakfast but know you all will have a lovely time.


  2. No secret to you Melanie, it's #9... and I am obeying God on THAT ISSUE, one day at a time! :)

    How I would love to be there in Florida and hear you and give you a hug. I WILL pray!


  3. Beautiful, Melanie. Thank God for His gifts of the Spirit to us. I think #9 is one I could work on, especially when it comes to food.