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Mar 14, 2011

Shop Your Closet?

Yesterday morning I did a dumb thing. 

I decided to wear a pair of pants to church that I had rescued from my daughter's yard sale pile. 

Here's where the dumb part comes in. They were extremely long. My daughter is about 4 inches taller than I am and even with my highest heels, the pants were too long. 

So what did I do? Choose something else to wear? Nope.
I put them on and took up precious "getting ready for church on time change Sunday" time to hem them. While I was wearing them. Yes, I said I hemmed them while wearing them. Hey, it's a gift.

The pants are a low rise navy with a faint pin stripe. I picked a sleeveless silk blouse that has a water color-y look to it. It has tones of gray, blue and dark pink (fuschia-esq). Blouses are IN in a big way right now. At least that's what Ann Taylor keeps telling me. She emails me all the time.
I tucked the top in because it's rather long and the pants are quite the low rise.
Since it was also a bit chilly in Florida yesterday I borrowed one of my daughter's cap-sleeved sweaters in navy to top it.

I still think I need to hem the pants a little shorter.

Why am I telling you this?

Because way back in 2009 I started a blog series called "Shop Your Closet" and I am thinking about reviving it. 

And then this morning I found this post on this blog. And I felt inspired.

How about you? Do you enjoy putting things together that you already own in a new and different way?

Have you ever hemmed your pants while wearing them?


  1. Funny...Yesterday at church my Pastor's wife told me about Kendi! She and her daughter follow it regularly to get 'todays' fashion! We'd all love to follow 'shop you closet'!

  2. I always loved your closet posts and remember Andrew was your photographer. Yes, I could use some closet help. I hear from Ann too but never seem to get it all together. No, I do not hem but I do sew on buttons. I have been know to use safety pins in a pinch. Go for it. b

  3. I would love to shop from my closet but I am how can I say...fashion challenged. My husband has to give me advice on fashion and he wears a uniform. No I have never hemmed my pants while wearing...I have however stapled a seem closed. I'm just a mess I know. lol.

  4. Melanie, I've never even hemmed my pants. I just buy new shoes!!