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Mar 21, 2011

Shop Your Closet

 I shopped my closet for Sunday's outfit. Since I work from home I can get away with dressing very casually Monday - Friday. In fact, some mornings I go from pajamas to running clothes, to the shower and back into shorts and casual tops for the rest of my day. A lot of what I do involves online research and writing. For example, today my work includes writing a resume/cover letter for a client in the insurance business. My day's work will also include preparing for my upcoming speaking engagement, "Turning Hearts Toward Home" in Mayo, FL. I am speaking Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning, so lots of writing, praying, and listening!

What do you do when your clothing budget is in a season of "non-existent"?
I shop my closet. I challenge myself to put together articles of clothing in new and different ways. Fortunately I also have my daughter's closet from which to "shop." The mocha colored blouse is hers and the skirt is one I rescued from her yard sale pile! In fact, before I wore it I had to remove the $2 sticker.
 My Shoe Tips
One tip: Do not buy cheaply made shoes. Buy well made shoes at discounted prices! And for me, comfort counts, too. When shoes are cheaply made, they do not hold up. Well made shoes last a long time.
I am not a "gotta have it right now" kind of woman. One of my best traits is that I am content with delayed gratification. When I shop retail, I shop the sales.

Another shoe tip is this one: Find a pair of shoes in a neutral color...one that is close to your skin tone. A neutral shoe coordinates with any color you wear. Don't know what to wear with a red dress? Wear a neutral shoe. I have 3 beautiful pairs of shoes (all purchased on clearance) in varying neutral shades. Living in Florida, I rarely wear hosiery. Once a year...maybe? Neutral colored shoes blend well with tanned legs. Need to fake a tan? I like Sally Hansen's Air Brush Legs. (Running every day gives me plenty of color on my legs but I have used Air Brush Legs in the past.)

3rd shoe tip:  If you want to elongate the leg, do not wear a strap across the foot or around the ankle! Wear a slingback or a pump. If you have long, thin legs, then go ahead and wear the ankle strap.
Stand in front of a full length mirror with one of each type shoe and see which looks best.
My favorite type shoe is a neutral tone with a platform and a slingback...just like the ones in this picture. The platform keeps the high heel from feeling quite so high.

One thing is for sure, I will not run into anyone else with this same outfit!

Silk Blouse ~ Apostrophe (thrift store); Skirt ~ Merona from Target; Sweater ~ The Loft;
Shoes ~ BCBG (purchased several years ago from Marshall's, I think.) Belt ~ old


  1. Beautiful!!! Love the colors -- so cheery! Also, love your hair! Looks great.

    have a great week,
    Melanie :)

  2. Beautiful! I shop my closet too - with The Lord's help.

    I hope you can get the e-mail option going. I'll look forward to being one of your 1st signups! Love ya~

  3. cute Melanie. I recently bought a shirt not on sale. It is the perfect color of purple. I have not torn off the tag yet to wear it. I think I should return it and wait for it to go on sale. It is the wise thing to do. b

  4. What an adorable outfit, Melanie! I'm just heading out to shop (NOT my favorite pastime!) and am hoping to find sales, sales, sales!

    Praying your speaking engagement goes well!

  5. Love this... I need to "shop" my closet for articles that still fit! Time to purge and re-work and pray for the best!

    You look great; so glad to hear about your times of ministry. It blesses me to see your faith in action.