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Apr 5, 2011

Oh Snap(shots)!

Weekend in Mayo, FL ~ Weekend Encounter for Women

Pastor Tim & Teresa Hamm and the Dorsey's

Wonderful friends!

3/5 of us ~

Avery & me

I am my children's mother.

Dannie & Melanie
I got a smile!


  1. Lovely family..goodness and light shine through you..take care..

  2. Hi Melanie, Thanks so much for your precious post on my blog. I love that you are memorizing scripture. With menopause and ADHD I can barley remember what I ate for breakfast. HA!! ALl kidding aside, I'm so touched to read your story. I hope you'll continue the conversation on my blog. Keep posting, each post enters you in the next drawing. Keep following my blog, BIG changes are in the works.

  3. Hi!
    I stumbled upon your blog today. I was a regular reader a while back and somehow lost many of my favorite blog links. So glad to have found you again! Your faith is an inspiration to many. I had a friend who ministered in Mayo earlier this month, wondered if it was with you. Her name was Lesa. Just wondering!!