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Apr 12, 2011

Unshakeable Trust ~ Enduring Faith

~ Looking forward to meeting some wonderful women of God at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church this week!

I'll be speaking on "A Faith That Endures." This message is my heartbeat. With everything we faced with the diagnosis of brain cancer in our son, Andrew, and with his passing to Heaven, I have been vulnerable and honest in the expression of my pain and grief. And through all of my searching, my questions, my prayers, and my meditation, I've found I must develop a FAITH THAT ENDURES.

And you know what? 

God has been so faithful, so kind and so loving that I often feel that I must be His favorite daughter! Amazing, isn't it? But that's our God. 

So I'm asking that all of you who have been such a great source of support and encouragement to me would just send up a prayer on my behalf and on the behalf of the women who will hear my message on enduring faith.  My message...Andrew's Message...God's Message ~ 

"I'm talking about the kind of faith in God that is a vehicle by which we arrive at an unshakeable trust that, regardless of the outcome, God is working all things together for my good and for His glory!" ~ from "A Faith that Endures


  1. Amen, and that is the kind of faith you have Mel!!

    What a testimony to the faithfulness of our MIGHTY God!!

    Praying for you and for all the ladies who'll be deeply touched and changed by your powerful testimony.

    You've been in the fire, and you have never smelled like smoke~

  2. I'm so excited for you, Melanie. And I love hearing the enthusiasm in your voice. I'll be praying.

  3. Melanie:

    Please know that I will be praying too. You have such a voice with these women. Everyone needs to hear that after all you've been throuh... your faith is strong and sure, and God has been faithful. There is no stronger message.

    Love you, praying!


  4. I'm looking forward to your sharing with those precious friends of mine!!! So wish I could be there. I'll be praying and waiting to hear all God does!

    With love!

  5. I'm definitely praying friend! I know they will be blessed!

  6. Praying for a powerful sharing Melanie. B