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Apr 18, 2011

Hermitage Hills & A Wild, Highlighted Hair!

Good Monday Morning!

Just as I suspected I would, I met some wonderful women at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church last week! I was warmly welcomed and enjoyed meeting new "sister-friends." 
More than ever before in my life, I am aware of just how much we need one another. 
The Gardening Themed Table where I sat ~ Lovely!

Life is just better when you have your "sisters" to share it.

I grew up in the middle of two brothers so I never had to share a room, or clothes, or any of my "stuff."
When I went away to college, I got a little taste of "sisterhood." Well, a BIG taste of sisterhood. Some I liked. Some...not so much.

 When we walked through the cancer diagnosis and passing of our boy, Andrew, I depended on my sister-friends. They did not let me down. So anytime I get to meet more of the sisters, it's a good day! 

I got a fabulous surprise when I found out that a friend of 20+ years was driving up to hear me speak in Nashville. Michelle is from the town in Georgia where my husband and I married and eventually moved from to Florida 21 years ago. 

Michelle & Melanie

She sent me as message confirming she was coming and then she asked me if I wanted to play "Beauty Shop." 
Uh...hello. It's my favorite game! 
Michelle is a super talented hairdresser and used to do my hair all those years ago. 
 Now I have a little favor to ask of you. Speaking of hair, I had a wild one several days ago. I entered a contest to become an Oakley Women's Product Ambassador. I could enter photos or a video, as well as answer some questions and write an essay on the theme of "Performing Beautifully."
You can help increase my chances of winning by voting for my video submission. There will be 10 winners chosen and 20% of the votes come from FB voting. The remaining 80% is from a judges' panel who views the photo/video and reads the essay.

To vote for me:

  1. Go to www.performbeautifully.com.
  2. Click on "vote now."
  3. Click on "view video entries."
  4. My video is in the left column, 2nd place. I'm wearing the red Team Andrew shirt and you'll see my name listed.
  5. Click on my video to watch.
  6. Click on "vote" and then consider sharing on FB and encourage your FB friends to vote for me!
  7. You can vote one time per 24 hour period. 
THANKS!  My FB badge is in my sidebar if you want to "friend" me.


  1. A highlight seeing a friend and in your hair...Your traveling stylist. That's awesome. I will look up your video and vote. B