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Jun 19, 2009

1 Day of Cooking Ahead equaled 4 Sunset Trips to the Beach

Remember all that cooking ahead I did last week? Angela asked me in a comment, "What do you plan on making with your beef, chicken and beans?"

Well, Angela, you asked. I 'm answering. These are the meals I prepared and I still have some rice left in the freezer. I also baked a batch of applesauce muffins. Our pup ate well, too. I made "gourmet" doggie food, adding some of the unseasoned beef or chicken and brown rice to his dish. 'Licked the bowl clean! (Pup, not me!)

Chicken/beans/rice enchiladas
BBQ chicken pizza
Chicken & bean quesadillas
Black bean & cheese quesadillas
Chicken salad
Black Beans over Rice with smoked sausage

More cooking ahead to come for me: Another whole chicken, beef roast, dried limas, banana pecan muffins (sweetened with honey only)

Question: What do you prepare in bulk to save time later for enjoying something like this?
1 Day of Cooking Ahead = 4 Sunset trips to the beach!


  1. melanie...will you adopt me? man you have the most incredible meals. i "TRY" to cook up sausage to make quick breakfast burritos during the week. other than that....i regretfully fly by the seat of my potholder on what to cook each day! you inspire me!

  2. If I adopt you, will you go to the beach with me? My daughter is working and the boys don't want to go with their Mom. I know. Can you believe that?

  3. I'm not good at cooking ahead. I do well to plan one meal ahead. However, a few sunset trips to the beach are great inspiration!

  4. Give me your address, and I will join you!! Fun! I'm headed over to see how you make easy peasy lasagna!


  5. I have to just smile and say hi on these posts :) I do not cook ahead, but you encourage me to think ahead and maybe do that Melanie. B

  6. Thanks for stopping by Grace-Works. Your blog is so helpful! Keep up the great work.

  7. love reading your writing... I am always blessed. hugs.