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Jun 8, 2009

It's Baaaaack! ~ The Next FoodNetwork Star

I don't watch Lost. I don't watch 24. In fact the whole 24 thing is totally Lost on me ;>.
But what I do watch from the comfort of my bed and propped against pillows is....THE NEXT FOODNETWORK STAR! And it's back, people!
(That's me up there pretending to be a FoodNetwork Star. Read about it here.)
When I casually mentioned to my husband, while jumping up and down followed by a backflip, (Not really. I didn't actually jump up and down.) that TNFNS was premiering this Sunday night, he asked, "Why aren't you on that show?" Bless that man!

My dejected reply, "They don't have home cooks. They have chefs, culinary students, restaurant people and such..."

But...TAH DAH!!! Enter Melissa d'Arabian, stay at home~cooking~mom from Texas.

(photo from Food Network)

Official Bio from The FoodNetwork site: Melissa, 40 (Keller, Texas), pairs her varied culinary and life experiences to provide food lifestyle solutions and approachable recipes for today's families. As a stay-at-home mom to four young daughters, she efficiently budgets time and money to prepare the finest in fresh, home-cooked meals every day. Melissa finds culinary inspiration in family, friends, cooking classes, and world travels.

In the first challenge, she made the dessert for a catered event. Her dish was Apple Tarts.

Melissa lists her "food specialty" as Family Cooking At Its Finest.

All I have to say to that is this: Amen & Amen.

Can I get a witness? So until I have cause to change my mind. Which I might. Cause you never know with reality tv, my vote is for Melissa. And isn't it kind of spooky that our names begin with the same first 3 letters? And our last names begin with the same first letter. Except hers is a lowercase "d."

To see Melissa's audition video, go here. In her video, Melissa says cooking with interruptions shouldn't be a problem for her.

No problema for me, either!

Hellooooo...while writing this post, I was fixing breakfast for, newly released from school, kids who rolled out of bed at 10 a.m. Talk about blogging with interruptions...I mean cooking with interruptions!

So, did you watch TNFNWS last night? Who is your fave?

In honor of stay at home~cooking~moms everywhere, I'll be posting a recipe for a delicious black bean soup. Check back for that!

Is it just me, or is it hot in the kitchen?


  1. I did not watch it although I sure wish I would have. Melissa might be the one you are cheering for, but I think you should go for it. You are an experienced speaker and I know you have great recipes...you have my vote and your husbands. Why not give it a try.

  2. I'm with your husband- I think you'd be perfect on that show. I don't get that station. I'm a product of a TV time warp. The Nielsen pollsters wanted to use us in their survey and I declined... thought that was hilarious.

  3. You are so funny. Yes I think you would be someone we could all relate to. You will be doing some things in media. I love black beans. Can't wait to get the recipe. B

  4. I agree with your husband - you should try out for the show!

    I'm excited to see what all recipes you end up posting!

  5. I watched it for the first time last night. I usually watch Top Chef, but my 10 year old daughter wants to watch it with me. The language is too rough on Top Chef, so I switched over to TNFNS so we could watch it together. I was not disappointed! And thankfully nobody dropped the f bomb! It's sad that I am thankful for that. I should expect that. Anyway, I too love Melissa! I think they sent the wrong person home last night. I can't remember her name but they should have sent home the Korean girl. She did a terrible job as team captain. Can't wait to see the next one!

  6. Ok so when are you going to go for it? I see your OWN television show in the making!!!

    You are so cute in your two photos in the kitchen (smile). You never know what GOD has in store!

  7. Ok so when are you going to go for it? I see your OWN television show in the making!!!

    You are so cute in your two photos in the kitchen (smile). You never know what GOD has in store!

  8. Go for it Melanie!
    A year ago I video taped my neighbor for her rendition of that show. It's a fun show.

    Before I gave up TV all together - the Food Network was one of my favorites! You look so cute cooking in your kitchen.

    I love Paul Newman's salsa too - and have used it in many recipes to give things a new kick!

    Have fun and reach for those high and lofty dreams! Just Do It!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    [JESUS - the One I Worship]