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Jun 16, 2009

Life's A Beach

I've been going to the beach as often as possible lately. I like to go close to sunset and walk for an hour. It's so relaxing and breezy. By that time it's much less crowded, too, especially on a weekday.

I like to watch the birds as they move in and out of the tide dipping their beaks for seafood.

There was lots of this "hair" lying around. I think it's pretty so I created Blondie.
SkateBoy created a bearded sandman with a leaf for his Speedo. Apparently the sandman is a runner.

TechSon and One Fine Man walk together.

After a walk, Bella~Mella sits on the sand to enjoy the sunset.

Sunset on Sandkey...my favorite beach.


  1. Sometimes I take the beach for granted. I love your creations there. Florida is a beautiful state. B

  2. jealous...wish I lived there too :)

  3. Love this post. Love the photos. Love the beach. My roots are in the sea grapes.

  4. Awesome sharing Melanie!

    The photo of you and that beautiful sunset are gorgeous!

    Love and blessings!

  5. Oh, Melanie! Love that sunsest! I was at the beach last week, and as I was driving home this morning from NC, I passed the beach exits and seriously thought about zooming over there one last time this summer! But, I didn't! I miss my fam!!

    Love ya,

  6. Those of us who don't live at the beach may be experiencing beach envy. We'll probably head to Nags Head for a week this summer, and I'll enjoy all that you do every night. Lucky you!

  7. Me, on this day of all rain, rain and more rain...I'm just a tad bit jealous of your walk on that beautiful beach.

  8. ahhh...well i've certainly relaxed just from reading this. by the ocean is my favorite spot to be!

  9. Your beach is lovely :).

    While I am enjoying the sunrise over the water, you get the precious sunset. It makes me catch my breath to feel that connection with you.

    I also love your beach people! How creative and fun!!

    Sink your feet deep in the sand,and hold on to the way the sun penetrates every ill and wipes away those daily hassles...this is what I will be doing (trying to do) as we head home tomorrow and leave the sunrise behind.


  10. How wonderful for you! What a special blessing to live where you can go often to the beach. God's glory really shines in those beach sunsets. :-)

  11. Love your sunset picture! I am also a sunset lover. I live in West Texas and am convinced that God sent me here to enjoy the sunsets. I am reminded to take more time enjoying the creation. Thank you

  12. 8-30-09 At the beach in Florida, love it. It's truly God created. Took some amazing sunset pics.

    Praying for your boy.