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Jun 12, 2009

A Lot of This for A Lot of That

Summer Cooking Ahead for Fun At A Moment's Notice
Today I prepared 3 pounds of ground beef, a pot of brown rice, a pound of dried black beans, boiled a whole chicken and made applesauce muffins. The rice and beef are in the freezer, the black beans are simmering in the pot and the chicken is waiting to be shredded. Oh...and the muffins are already disappearing.

So I can have a tasty dinner ready quickly.


So at a moment's notice I can go here:

and enjoy this:

and watch him:

and look for these.
(this photo by Linda Charlene)
How are you scheduling your summer for joy at a moment's notice?


  1. Good planning ahead, Melanie.

    I do this too throughout the year. About once a month I brown about 6 lbs of burger and bake a chicken to put in the freezer. This comes in handy on the days I have to work...I get home late, am tired and yet want to make a good, wholesome meal for my family. Great tip!

    You live in such a beautiful place!!! Makes me long for the beach...and palm trees...and warmth. We've had a very cold spring here in Iowa. Sure it will change soon.

  2. great planning!! I make applesauce muffins, too and I usually double the recipe every time, to have on hand. I am using ground beef today that I browned last week, so I'll have to replace it next week!!! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I like the way you plan and post. The last photo is so cleverly captured, with the sun shining through the sand dollar. Hope you have lots of fun with yourplanned ahead free time.

  4. Joy at a moment's notice. Now that's a recipe I want to get out daily.

  5. Hello Friend,
    Great ideas! I've been doing the same. Clipping coupons, buying in bulk, cooking ahead and freezing items for a quick start to a simple supper. Now that I will have two extra people living here for a while, all time saving tips are golden. We got our first comment from a reader on our L&S blog. Did you see it? Up to 11 now. (Woo Hoo! - lol!)

  6. I found you through CWO blogroll! This post was so fun!

  7. Hi Miss Mella Bella...So great to see your amazing face again:)
    I see you have become a "foodie":)
    I love the food network too!!!
    I have a secret obsession with being the food network star too:)!
    Well, maybe not so secret anymore.
    Any way...this summer I am experiencing joy that my garden brings and the joy of watching my children play...those two things are my highlights.....

  8. Still doing my food co-op, with a twist. We meet on Monday afternoon and exchange main-dishes only. We pull together our own sides with all the bounty of summer fruits & veggies!

    I've been out of town, so haven't been visiting, but I'm back now!

  9. You're a great motivator Melanie!

    Have a blessed week.
    ~Warmly, Melissa ;)

  10. Okay Melanie, a few things:

    1. BRAVO to you for having your priorities straight!
    2. What do you plan on making with your beef, chicken and beans? Some of that soup possibly?
    3. You've reminded me that my kids will remember ME spending time with THEM instead of watching me cook in the kitchen.
    4. The last picture of the sand dollar is so pretty? Did you take that?

    Oh, and we grill a lot in the summer. The boys play outside in the backyard while Paul and I flip chicken. That way, we're all out there together.

  11. ps - I went to aquapoppy after seeing your snazzy new blog "do".

  12. I made your chicken and black bean soup Friday...yummy. I had it for lunch also. I hope to hit the beach this week. B

  13. Yay for cooking ahead!

    That is the story of my life :))

    Love you friend!