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Dec 17, 2008

Update on Guitar Girl and GiG at BayCoast Coffee Market

Audra's gig at BayCoast Coffee Market last Friday night went great! She did 10 original songs, It's Christmas Time, and a couple of "covers" with a friend who accompanied on guitar. There was a good turn out of friends and, of course, the 5 of us and BayCoast customers. She performed from 7:30 - 9:30 w/2 short breaks. The manager was happy with the performance and feedback from customers. He wants her to perform once a month!(Click on pics to enlarge.)

Playing the peppermill while her friend played guitar

Singing her songs...

Audra & Andrew singing "Crazy Good."

How much fun it is for her to have a boyfriend who can sing and play guitar also! They have a lot of fun together and entertain our family, too!
The best thing is he loves the Lord and puts Him first, as it should be.

Audra & her manager, Josh
I think Josh has discovered a real talent as a music manager! He did a great job organizing everything for her - from arranging a photo shoot to working the crowd at BayCoast. We appreciate his time, talent and support of our Guitar Girl.
A proud Mother and her Girl
If you are interested in hearing Audra's original music, click on the picture of her in my sidebar.

Andrew B. and MY Andrew aka Skate~Boy
TechSon, Skate~Boy, One Fine Man and (r) our Music and Fine Arts Pastor (Thanks for supporting our girl, Pastor Wes!)

Coming soon... a musical Christmas card from me to all of you! This is a project Audra and I are working on for the Bella~Mella blog.


  1. Hooray i am so glad it went wonderfully, she is incredibly talented!!!

  2. What a great evening! I know you were proud, how could you not be? So happy for you all.

  3. That's great Melanie! I'm so glad for her! I would've come if I lived closer...right now I wish I did...not fond of cold!
    I'm sure she's great and she's almost as cute as her mama!:)

  4. Okay, the fact that he gave her a recurring gig, totally awesome! Congrats to Guitar Girl. You are well on your way! I love her soulful sound.

  5. How exciting! I'd love to hear her songs. My 14 year old niece plays the guitar and just wrote her first song. Please tell me the next time your daughter plays so she can come hear her. By the way coffee sounds great to me. I'll let you know next time I'm that way.

  6. That is fantastic! I know you are so proud of her!!!