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Dec 1, 2008

Monday Magnificat - A Change of Seasons

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose..."
Have you ever sensed that your season is about to change?

I believe that when you are just at the point of rounding the corner that leads to a new path, there are signs that indicate a change in your season is imminent.

One of the signs is a holy tug to spend time alone with God. Not necessarily for the purposes of your talking but for listening to that still, small voice of the Spirit. "As the deer pants for the water brook, so pants my soul for you, O God...Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls..." (Psalm 42:1,7).

Another sign is that the same message comes to you in various forms illuminating God's plan for you. You get confirmation of God's rhema Word to you in His Word, in a song, in a conversation with a friend, in an inspiring message, in a Dove chocolate wrapper...it's happened to me! "The entrance of Your words gives light..." (Psalm 119:130).

You may also have unexplained moments of anticipation and excitement even though there is not yet tangible proof of your new season. Sometimes in anticipation of what I believe in my heart God is going to do, I can't help but clap my hands! "Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph! For the Lord Most High is awesome..." (Psalm 47:1 -2)

I believe that when you are led by the Spirit in your Christian walk, God takes you through different seasons of service or ministry. But you have the choice to stay in your present, perhaps comfortable, season or you can step out in faith, take hold of courage and walk confidently into the new season God is ushering in.

My Monday Magnificat? - In each new Season of my life, He alone is the power enabling me to walk no-SOAR!-in confidence and courage.

Magnificat - an utterance of praise from the Latin magnificare - to magnify (photography by Linda Charlene)

Addendum: The word rhema refers to a specific scripture or word from God (always in alignment with scripture), that the Holy Spirit brings to the believer as encouragement, direction, comfort or confirmation. In contrast, logos refers to the Scripture as a whole. John 1:1 tells us that Jesus is the living logos. "And the Word (logos) became flesh and dwelt among us..." (John 1:14). While rhema is referenced in Ephesians 6:17 as that portion of scripture which the believer wields as a sword in the time of need. "And take...the sword of the Spirit, which is the word (rhema) of God..."

Further, logos is the message; rhema is the communication of the message.


  1. Mel,
    As I read your post tonight I am reminded of a song I heard Martha Munizzi sing. The song is taken from Jeremiah 29:11. It goes like this...
    "For I know the plans I have for you. I know just what you're going through. So when you can't see what tomorrow holds and yesterday is through just remember I know the plans I have for you."
    I am so excited about this new season!

  2. This is so true - and I love it when the Lord shows us that He is getting us ready to receive & participate in something new from Him. I'm in the beginning of this place right now, and even though the way is unsure to me, it is perfectly planned by God. Thanks for sharing this... it stirrs in me some excitement as I watch for what the Lord is doing! :-)

  3. I learned a new word today! rhema. I've never heard that before, and would love you to email your thoughts. I "googled" it and it said "an utterance." But would love to hear more from you what you refer to as God's rhema word.

    I've not had the Dove Chocolate moment, but I have had the song lyric moment, the phone call moment, the license plate moment. I love how God catches our attention!

  4. I am going into that new season and I do have anticipation but also I am fearful, your post is awesome, thanks!!!

  5. Thank you for the post script. I am not familiar with either of those and am so THRILLED to learn something new!! Thank you. I am going to go back and read it again and try to memorize it.

    Thank you, Bella Mella! Wella Wella Done. :D

  6. Well, keeping it real for us, meant, heading to Cracker Barrel and picking up "order for 10 - Richardson family". I love to cook, but we had 6 boys in our home this year.

    I left a comment on your other site too! Consider me a fan! :)

  7. Hi!
    I love when I keep hearing the same thing over and over again all over the place and I just KNOW God is trying to tell me something! Today I was praying with a friend, and her prayer was exactly what God had been speaking to my heart. He amazes me!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I saw on your other blog that you have been through She Speaks. I have heard that is wonderful!

    Blessings! It is nice to meet you!

  8. I felt that new season coming on last summer and it's been an exciting one with new adventurs. I love the Psalm 42:1,7. Thanks for sharing...

  9. lol! Thanks for this link. I admit, God has spoken to me through a Doves candy wrapper, through one that said,"be kind to a friend", when I was thinking unkind thoughts!