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Dec 28, 2008

Happy Birthday One Fine Man & A Follow-up to the Comments from Monday Magnificat

Thank you to each one who left a comment on Calling Forth the Gift. I will be doing a kind of Part 2 post on that as I feel that I may be able to offer some insight to someone who is going through a similar experience ~ one in which I learned invaluable lessons. Not today though. Today I'm sharing a few pictures from this past week.

We celebrated One Fine Man's birthday on Christmas Eve. Just the five of us went out to eat seafood in Tampa. Dessert was waiting back at the house ~ a praline cheesecake I made for One Fine Man.

Celebrating One Fine Man's birthday on Christmas Eve

Skate~Boy front and center "smiling?"
TechSon (pictured w/head ducked below) wore his new hat - a Christmas Eve gift from Skate~Boy.

When he and One Fine Man went to the restroom, his last words were, "Don't touch my hat." This, of course, was directed to Skate~Boy who had been trying to snatch it. And if you have boys, you will recognize that scenario. So, a certain someone (who writes a blog) suggested the three of us left at the table take turns wearing the hat and take pictures, too, of course! Thus the mini story of The Traveling Hat ensued...

The traveling hat...on Skate~boy
On Guitar Girl

On Bella~Mella (the instigator)


  1. Hi Melanie, :)

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. It's always nice to meet new people in Blogland. Please come back. You're always welcome!
    The Ginger Snap coffee sounds really delicious. Thanks for telling me.
    We just went to the Keurig website and ordered a bunch of sample boxes. Mostly Vanillas, Cinnamon and some Bold flavors for my hubby. I will check them out again for sure.

    You're blog is wonderful!
    I'll be back to visit you often.
    Happy B-day to your DH.

    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  2. Hey Miss Melanie you get a Fun Mom award from me today! That sounds like the kind of idea that makes kids say "Not only is my mom hot in the hat she's also scads of fun! SCADS!":0
    You have one fine man and one sweet family too!

  3. The traveling hat...that's so great. Having a 5 and 3 year old. I totally understand although right now we have traveling toys which we find hidden in the other's room.

  4. Too fun! Love your blog and all the fun.

  5. Love your family pics and happy belated birthday to your wonderful one.