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Dec 3, 2008

Thumbs Up 2 - Get-a-ways, Coffee & Conversation with a Pal!

(House Blend and Mocha Frappy)
In the spring of this year, I met my long-time pal from college days in Charleston, SC, for a weekend get-a-way. What fun we had eating, talking, drinking coffee, and eating and talking and drinking more coffee.
Oh yeah...there was a plantation and a walking tour in there, too!

We have a lot in common - our faith, same number of kids, both PK's, singers, and stories from our younger years that only the two of us know about (I hope!). Both of us have degrees in Communications and were in many of the same classes together at Lee University. Once we even traded pants with one another! Now, that's a friend. I liked her black pants better than mine and she preferred my pair! So we switched then and there! She was also an enabler to my addiction to TWIX. (I'm over that now-really I am.)

Though we have much in common, we also have pursued different interests. She is an actor and is in Real Estate. She and her husband visit NY where they enjoy jazz, and comedy & East Coast beach trips w/the kids.

I am a teacher and a speaker. My husband and I (our kids, too) enjoy winter ski trips in Colorado and white water rafting in the summer.

But on our get-a-way our most obvious difference was our choice of coffee.
She is a Starbucks afficionado who orders those frappy, carmy, mochy things while I always order a house blend 2 creams on the side, please!

Hey Mocha~Frappy Friend, if you are reading this, I'm up for another spring weekend, how 'bout you?

Love & Coffee,

From your House Blend Friend.

What about you? Do you and your friends ever take get-a-way weekends, or a girls' night out? Do Tell, preferably over coffee!


  1. My friend "Sue J" from the bloggy world, try to go for coffee at least once every two weeks. Even though we live nearby, its still hard to get together with family, obligations, etc.

    There is no bad coffee...I'll drink any of it!

  2. Nothing says joy like a girlfriend and coffee of any sort!!!!

  3. Hi, Melanie, thank you for stopping by! So glad you did & I hope you'll come back again. I'm a PK too! Merry Christmas!