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Dec 18, 2008

Thumbs Up 2 Green Chicken Enchiladas

It's Thumbs Up 2 Thursday! In a prior post I shared my love of quick food. Quick food, as opposed to fast food, is made at home from ingredients on hand when you're short on time. Often my go-to quick food is Tex~Mex. I usually have sour cream, my favorite fresh salsa from the deli (Jack's Special by Garden Fresh Gourmet - medium hot), grated cheese, enchilada sauce and ground beef or chicken breast in the freezer.
Pollo Verde Enchiladas out of the oven...
Some boiled, shredded chicken breast, some sour cream, some grated cheddar cheese, chopped green chiles, 1/3 can of green enchilada sauce, s & p...
My secret step...dip each tortilla in the broth from the chicken...
(At least, I think it's my secret...maybe you do it, too! Let me know if you do.)
Add the chicken mixture down the center of each tortilla, roll tightly and place seam side down in a greased 9 x 13 . Pour the remaining green sauce over the enchiladas and top w/cheese. Bake uncovered at 350 for about 25 minutes...more or less...(Hey, I didn't measure...do you think I timed it?)
La Cena en mi casa (Dinner at my house)

Serve with salad, chips, and sour cream & salsa...Muy delicioso!
What is your go-to quick food? I'd love to know. Do Tell!


  1. Definately my Chicken Mango tacos - we had leftovers last nightin enchildas. YUM!
    Your enchiladas look delish!

  2. Hi! Your green chicken definitely sounds better than green eggs (& ham). LOL!


  3. yummy!!!! it looks delicious..

  4. Oh wow! Thanks for the tip with the chicken broth. I will have to try these! Grilled cheese and Tomato soup is one of my Go-to's.

  5. Okay, I have been looking for an enchilada recipe. How awesome is that? I can't wait to try it. And no, I have never thought about dipping the tortillas in the broth. Thanks for that too!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, this sounds so good. I love stuff like this. I'll have to give it a try!

  7. This does sound so good and I can't wait to try it. Something I make in a hurry is black beans and yellow rice, garlic bread and salad. I like to top my black beans and rice with diced onions and hot sauce. It's a Tampa dish that has stuck with me.
    And it is simple.