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Dec 19, 2008

Friday Fave 5!

Five of my favorite things from this week! To join in, click on the Friday Fave 5 button. Come on! It's fun!

I feature here a perk of teaching. It's a perfectly delicious pumpkin roll. A family from the school where I teach gave me this homemade happiness. This morning I sliced it and put it in my toaster oven. Oh. My. Gravy. Was it good! A sweet start to my morning...thanks sweet family for thinking of me at Christmas!

Along with the slice of pumpkin roll, I enjoyed another cup of my new favorite coffee - Gloria Jean's Ginger Snap! Oh Snap...I hope it's not offered only during the Christmas season. See the cute ornaments on the label?

We use a Keurig coffee maker. If you need a new coffee maker, you really should consider a Keurig! Oh Keurig Coffee People...I need to be your spokesperson. Seriously. If you're reading this...holl~ah!

These are just sooooo cute! I picked these up from Gap Kids for my nieces. They're striped on one side, polka-dot on the other and have fringed ends. I added these to a couple of mini bags from Vera Bradley and voila! Cute City for Christmas! (No peeking, H, W & K! Get off my blog!)

Earlier this week while driving TechSon home from school, we stopped at Frida's Cafe & Bakery. I picked out a few goodies. These were all European baked goods which, turns out, TechSon and Skate~Boy don't much care for. There was nary a chocolate chip nor sugar cookie in the bunch! So they were MINE, all MINE...(insert creepy laugh here). One Fine Man & Guitar Girl had a few nibbles, too. When they could find where I hid the box...

Check out the cookies on the top right. They are called Mediterranean Maccaroons. 'Never had them before but I will no longer be a stranger to the call of their crunchy, chewy, coconuttiness. Enough said.

Hello Scrabble game that Skate~Boy and I have been trying to finish lo these past 4 days! We take lots of breaks. 'Still fun though. Look how bad we are with our 3 and 4 letter words! As there are only 3 tiles left in the bag, we can probably knock this out in an hour. Or two. Or three.


  1. Hey Melanie...Good job with picking treats you can demolish by yourself:)!
    I love scrabble too...Do you ever play "take 1". You use scrabble pieces but not the board. You start with 7 and try to make words. Everytime you have all your pieces used up you say"take 1" until all the pieces are used. It can go pretty fast....Have a fab Friday!

  2. Myself and my oldest two love scrabble!! It is a blast, we actually play on line when not all together...and I hid the treats in my house too!!!

  3. It's not a good idea to be eating my high fiber cereal while I'm reading this post and seeing those bars and cookies. They look fabulous!! The scarves are very cute! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. Pumpkin roll. YUM!!! Great list!

  5. Well you've certainly got me drooling after reading these fives. LOL. I'll have to show hubby the coffee maker. We love us a good cup of coffee.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Funny you should mention Scrabble, I almost put it as one of my favorite 5. . . we play everyday with our son when he is home from college. He always wins, he is in college! But its good time spent together

  7. Wow I like your fave 5's,too. I love pumpkin rolls and Scrabble. Your pics are great, too.

  8. ..."Once they found where I hid them." LOL!!!

    I'd love to try the coffee maker. I am ADDICTED to coffee. But it's not in the budget. But I'm going to go google it and check it out.

    Fun 5's today!

  9. love Scrabble, I AM going to play a few games these next few weeks, YES! (have to find my Scrabble buddies, no one in my home likes to play with me) :))))

  10. I can't help but wonder how you even have time to blog? You seem like a very busy woman! And that coffee sounds so good.