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Dec 30, 2008

Now We're Skiing!!! & A Video

Skate~boy took this pic outside our window in Keystone, CO!

Two days after Christmas we left for skiing in Colorado. This is our winter trip that One Fine Man dreams about all year long! About 6 years ago he planned our first ski trip. That first year we had a family ski lesson and here we are again on our winter vacation. This is the first year that Guitar Girl hasn't been with us. We miss her! I think next year if we can get The Beau to come with us, she will be a sure bet, too! (Start your ski fund now, Beau Man!)

It is quite a change of environment from coastal Florida. We left "shorts" weather and upon arriving in Denver began the bundling up. At least I did. For some reason, known only to those posessing the male DNA, my boys feel the need to pretend they aren't cold and resist my efforts to wrap them up!

My men...first day out

Bella~Mella & One Fine Man
On the ski lift to SchoolMarm (a green slope)

(TechSon kindly assisted me in uploading this video. I'll try not to embarass you, son, when I video you snowboarding, but I'm not promising anything b/c you know I'm a mother.)

Bella~Mella skiing SchoolMarm

I made the boys promise me they'll stay with me long enough tomorrow so I can get some video of them snowboarding. I have skiied 2 days but am taking today off to let my calves recover! And Skate~boy just came back from snowboarding with a terrible looking scrape on his chin. He assures me he's fine. Prayer is a good thing! A very good thing!
I'm posting this picture for my men...not that it'll do them any good. See the sign?
Hey boys...have fun but be careful! Is that an oxymoron?
Sure, Mom, I'll be careful...aren't I always?!


  1. you are one brave brave woman! you are my hereo:0
    never skied...bad knee..everyone says i should try it. Maybe, someday:)It is so beautiful tho!

  2. So at least they are having fun...and the good news it isn't your chin that looks like that. LOL!! Kids heal faster, I'm sure. They also bounce, and adults break.

    Keep warm!

  3. Love the video! Not bad Miss Bella-Mella! I'm impressed! Oh that I could be somewhere with SNOW! How I miss snow! Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Thanks for your lovely comments today. You are truly my BFF!

  4. How awesome! My husband dreams of this same trip but he has not convinced me yet. LOL. Enjoy the rest of your trip and Happy New Year!

  5. Look at YOU!! You look like a pro Mel! You actually stopped yourself with a little turn at the end. What a fun tradition. I have never been skiing. Your post makes me want to go somewhere cold and snowy. How did your son scrape his chin? Did I miss that part?

  6. Hi Melanie,
    I THINK this is my first time at your blog. We live in the same neck of the woods (in fact, our fam was at Busch Gardens a few days ago). I see that we're both contributing writers to Daily Devotions for Writers. So much in common!

    Your vacation pics are wonderful! We went to Breckenridge 2 years ago and had a blast...until I wiped out in a sledding accident and wound up with a concussion. Hope you guys stay safe, your boys slow down, and you have a wonderful vacation in the snow.

  7. How fun for your whole family! You look so cute in your ski clothes! :-)

  8. Hi Melanie! I came over from Chatty Kelly's. Your vacation looks like a blast! What a wonderful family blessing. I said a little prayer for that scrape and the *careful* skate boy behind it too. ;)

    Rich blessings to you as He brings you into the New Year!

  9. Oh how much fun you guys look like you are having in one of my all time favorite states!!!

  10. Looks like such an awesome time. YOu're really making me miss Colorado @ Christmastime. God Bless.