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Sep 18, 2009

Why Wouldn't I Ask for All?

Did you ever hear of God doing a 1/2 way miracle? Neither have I. What He begins, He is faithful to complete. And we KNOW that God began a MIRACLE for Andrew on 9/11. Before surgery, the surgeon warned us that Andrew might lose cognitive abilities, might be permanently paralyzed, might have a stroke, might not even wake up!
He woke up. He is Andrew. He remembers things from the past and things from this morning. He is walking as well as he was before surgery and we are believing that all loss of function WILL return.

And so we continue to persist in prayer. We continue to believe. We continue to watch our words.We are not giving up. We are not giving in. We are not settling for less than God's best for Andrew and our family. God has been glorified, is being glorified and will continue to be glorified.

I understand that sometimes we have to go through a process. Of course I get that. I've been through some "stuff" that took some time. So have you.

But my mother's heart is asking God for the completion of the MIRACLE and this week before treatment is scheduled would be fine with me!

Today I got to share with my personal doctor just where we stand on Andrew's 100% recovery. I have been seeing this particular doctor for about 3 years now.
Today I had to go in so she would write a prescription for me. I knew she would need to see me. No calling this one in because I haven't seen her in over a year!

Of course she asked me how things had been going for me. Now I hate telling what is going on right now but it is necessary in order to tell someone what we are believing!
So I gave her a brief explanation. Being a doctor, she wants to know the cancer type. I REALLY HATE THAT PART. But you know what? At the NAME OF JESUS, every thing that has a name has to bow to the NAME OF JESUS.
I have noticed that when I tell the diagnosed cancer, my voice is low and quiet. BUT WHEN I TELL THAT WE ARE BELIEVING FOR A MIRACLE MY VOICE IS STRONG AND AUTHORITATIVE!

I told my doctor: "We are Christians and 1000's of people are praying for Andrew. We believe that God healed, God heals, and God WILL heal!

She responded that miracles do happen. At the end of the appointment she hugged me and said she would pray for my son. I don't know what her belief is but she knows what we believe. God is a healer.

We live in a fallen world. The enemy is the author of sin, sickness and disease.
God is the creator, sustainer, redeemer and healer. What the enemy intends for our harm, God turns to our good and HIS glory!
Salvation was provided for in the death of Christ on the cross. Healing was provided for in the stripes on his back. Jesus went about preaching, teaching and healing the sick. There were so many miracles that He performed that if they were all recorded there would not be enough books! And He's just about to complete the one He began on 9/11.
Cancer is a terrorist. I declare war on cancer. Cancer...every kind...has to bow to Jesus!
And so we worship. We praise. We pray. We groan. The Holy Spirit intercedes and prays for us when we don't know how. Jesus is at the Father's right hand making intercession for Andrew...for YOU.
Makes you love HIM more, doesn't it? Makes you want to know HIM better, doesn't it?
He longs for more intimacy with you. He's calling out for you. He loves you so much if there had been only YOU, He would have given His life for YOU alone. In fact, HE did.


  1. Jesus talks about faith the size of a mustard seed moving mountains. Everywhere in the gospels it talks about faith and healing going hand in hand. Jesus could not do many miracles in His home town because of their unbelief. You keep believing and expecting your miracle - touch the hem of His robe with faith!

  2. That is a wonderful post, Melanie. I am still agreeing with you in prayer for Andrew's healing.

  3. Amen, Amen! Believing with you that God is able. What a testimony you are!


  4. The power of prayer has been proven over and over. Scripture says 'the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much' James 5:16 KJV.

    Will continue to pray and believe with you that Andrew is about to get that miracle! Our God is a faithful God. When we are faithful to Him, He in return will be faithful to us.

  5. Amazing! I always leave this blog with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. I am praying. laurie

  6. Hi Mel and Andrew....thought of you today and was anxious to hear what was going on....
    Praying for you! and also praying your family has a wonderful family weekend!

  7. Continuing to stand with you IN FAITH for that 100% healing!!!!! I love what you said here:
    "At the NAME OF JESUS, every thing that has a name has to bow to the NAME OF JESUS." A men, sister!

    Praying for you all... Jennifer

  8. It's impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him. Heb. 11:6 (The message)

    Thanks Melanie, another great post!

    I find myself asking God to give me a faith that pleases Him more and more each time I leave your blog.

    Continuing to pray, intercede and give thanks to our Father for all He has done,and WILL do!

    Praying for His peace and His grace to continue to uphold you each day.

    Thanking God for using Andrew to cause us to BELIEVE Him like never before.

    Yes, He is faithful, true and waiting for us to call upon His name IN FAITH!!


  9. Agreed. Praying here, in Michigan.

  10. My Gosh,
    When I read your loving, heartfelt words to Jesus and us...and hear your prayers to God for your Beloved son Andrew...it shows your true faith and hope in the Lord! Beautiful...

    I too, along with everyone else here, is praying to God for a miracle for you and your family. I can not even imagine what you must be going through and yet...you always take time to keep us all updated.

    I hope we, in some small way, can be a source of strength for you.
    You will remain in my prayers until your son is well again.

    K. Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

  11. praying and believing and trusting God for complete healing....and for the world to know....

  12. Amen, preach it dear sister. God is going to do more miracles. I believe it. Andrew has cancer, but cancer does not have Andrew. I love you.

  13. Thank you for sharing your faith here, Melanie! Your post was an encouragement to ME. Believing with you for a complete miracle for your Andrew.

  14. Just wanted to let you know that our group prayed diligently for Andrew yesterday and we ALL will comtinue to do so. Your faith for a miracle has inspired me to believe it is possible for myself as well. Your posts are such a testimony to the glory of our wonderful God, I am overwhelmed. Blessings to you, Debbie

  15. Our God...
    To whom will we compare Him to.
    No one. There is none like Him. I am believing God for Andrew's miracle. Your faith is very pleasing to God Melanie. Thank you Lord for the strength you are supplying this family. You are an awesome God.

  16. "God has been glorified, is being glorified and will continue to be glorified." Amen & Amen!

  17. Beautiful post, Melanie! I am standing in agreement for a complete 100% healing. Your faith has inspired me to firmly believe that the bad report, the report that my son in law may have MS, is a misdiagnosis and mistake on the Doctor's part. God is in the miracle making business, and I am expecting a miracle for Andrew and for my son in law. Amen!

  18. Wow, praise God!I truly believe Andrew is God's miracle, and God is using him to spread the Gospel!


  19. We praise you, Lord Jesus, for what You've already done and what you will do. You are being glorified through this time of suffering. We turn our eyes off the ugly word cancer and back to You, Jesus. The author and finisher of our faith. The One who was and is and is to come. Come quickly and move mountains. We know you still perform miracles and we ask for one for Andrew. He is in Your hands. You hold his future, not doctors.

    Thank you we are not home yet. This world is full of things I wish would vanish forever. I cling to the fact we are all passing through. One day every tear will be dry. And we will praise Your name forevermore.

    You are worthy of all of our praise every day here on earth. Through it all, we see You working. Working miracles.

    Thank you, Father God.

    Holy Spirit continue to prompt people to intercede in prayer.



    Much love to you, Melanie. Thank you for speaking your faith and fueling mine and so many others.

  20. I am standing in agreement with your prayers for Andrews Miracle. "without faith, it is impossible to please God" I believe God is very pleased with you...although I am praying for you like it was my grandson (who is 12)...I always leave here blessed, encouraged and desiring more growth in my relationship with God. You are truly a blessing...What a testimony of faith.....already bringing God glory...but oh what glory is to come. PRAYING AND BELIEVING with you............

  21. Amen! I had been thinking of you all and couldn't read your blog because my internet modem crashed. I borrowed a modem and immediately came to read here. I am continuing my prayers and have faith that Andrew will be healed 100% in the name of Jesus. I truly believe that. God Bless.

  22. YES Melanie, keep taking God at His Word! He hears you.

    Psalm 38:9
    O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you.

    He hears you Melanie, He hears you.
    Keep praying, crying and groaning and wait upon Him to answer in a way that only He can.


  23. I just found your blog and will come back to continue reading..but wanted to first Praise the LORD for God's care for you.

    Please stop by and visit my blog...I have a story on my Watering Wells of Hope about my son..though I lost him..only to God's wonderful presence..HE did do a miracle with his life..he SAVED some souls.


  24. Thinking of you, and surrounding dear Andrew with love, and many, many prayers.

  25. Beautifully written, Melanie. I'm still praying...Kathy

  26. Yes, we are praising Him indeed with you Melanie. And continuing to storm the gates on Andrew's behalf. He WILL complete the miracle He has begun, He has already begun to outsmart and outplay many of Andrew's doctors. God is always the victor!

    Grace, peace and healing to all of you!

  27. I just returned from Ecuador. I have caught up on the last week of posts. I am rejoicing in the positives and believing God that the complete miracle is still to come!

    Praying with you and for you!

  28. Did you ever hear of God doing a 1/2 way miracle? Neither have I. What He begins, He is faithful to complete.


    You know this morning as I was praying for Andrew, I praised God for the miracles, the completion of the miracle happening.

    Paula and I continue to gather together on the phone praying for your family.

    I shared with a few people in 'real' life who are struggling about Andrew. I shared about my family's struggles. I stated that I KNOW God can do the impossible NOW, just take everything away..but He hasn't. I believe He wants to bring us DEEPER into the miracle. To show not only us, but this world, that the hand of God has moved.

    That this WAS God's power and glory revealed.

    I also had the image of Andrew this morning and how the Lord has been ministering to him, strengthening him and building up his faith walk. That Andrew is SEEING the Lord in a stronger and more intimate way. I had the vision of Andrew speaking before many, sharing what God has done in his life and WILL do in their lives.

    yes, God COMPLETES His miracles!! To the fullest beloved.

  29. My heart is praying still for Andrew and believing GOD for a MIRACLE!

  30. Believing, aand we will receive dear sister. I love you.

  31. Thinking about Andrew and your family. My Sunday School class continues to lift him up. I pray you have rested this weekend and maybe cooked a little. Somehow I think of that as being good for you to do. Today has been such a powerful day. Our God is MIGHTY! Expect Him to show Himself strong in this battle. All of us in the bloggy world love you guys. May God give Andrew comfort, strength, healing, full mobility and eliminate all cancer from his body. May He elevate you Melanie in your speaking and TV ministry to tell of His goodness, greatness, and declare His Glory throughout the land. Melanie will cry out louder than the rocks Lord: ) Thank you for Melanie and her family. I know you are pleased they are leaning on you. Our hands are raised and our eyes are focused on YOU in this battle. ALL things are possible with you. We LOVE you Lord! In your name Jesus, I pray.

  32. As I finished reading this post, all I could say was, "Amen & Amen!!!!" What a great opportunity to share with your own doctor & there are so many others who are being ministered to by what you are sharing. It is a privilege to continue to pray for Andrew & for your family. We serve a MIGHTY GOD!!!!

  33. I have seen Andrews prayer tag on blogs and have prayed but for some reason I never connected with your blog. What stood out in your post was that you are watching your words concerning Andrew. Over this weekend, God has been speaking to me concerning our words and how important they are. Now that I have the home base I can join in asking for the miracle of complete healing that is Andrews. Love to you Melanie as your family journeys through and standing firm in your faith.