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Sep 29, 2009

Steady On...

Edited to add:
I had a comment that questioned the verse I quoted from James. Yes, verse 5 is talking about "wisdom" but James' conclusion is "...for let not that man suppose that he will receive ANYTHING from the Lord..."
I think James says "anything" because he means "anything" including wisdom. But if he were only referring to wisdom, why use the word "anything"? I think James was making a point about guarding against vacillating between belief and disbelief.

A few years ago, my grandmother passed away at the age of 103. Before she passed, she had a huge tumor on the side of her face. It was disfiguring. My mamaw was ready to go on to heaven but the family prayed that she would be healed from the tumor before her journey "home." God answered that prayer and before she went on to glory, Mamaw's face was completely healed. There was no tumor at all! It was a Miracle.

God has instructed me to look only to His word. I must be obedient to that. When I look at His word, Jesus healed ALL who came to HIM.
This is MY child lying in a hospital bed. Medical intervention provides little hope for a positive outcome...that means there is not much hope for survival even with chemo and radiation.
This is life and death to us. We come to Jesus and Him alone for our hope. We do not look to the wisdom of man. We look to the power of God. My purpose is not to offend. My purpose is to go by the Word and that alone.

Yesterday I had a discussion with my daughter. We have had daily phone calls, FB communication and text messaging. She is a full time journalism student and works part time. She leads worship, playing her guitar. She is very protective of her little brother, especially now. We have been having deep discussions on the whole aspect of healing and miracles. You are probably not surprised that has been the topic of most of our family conversations.

Our family has no doubt that healing is God's will. Our family has no doubt that believing and not wavering in your confidence in God plays a large part in seeing healing and miracles manifest. James 1:6-8: "But let him ask in faith with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways."

Fix your eyes on Jesus. Believe His Word. Refuse to doubt that He will do what He says He will. Unbelief is the enemy of faith. Settle it in your mind! When you have settled it, don't allow yourself to become unsettled. Don't be anxious about anything; Pray about everything. Everything you receive from God is received by FAITH. We walk by faith ~ not by sight.
So, steady on...saints...steady on.

Andrew ~ Eating but needs to eat MORE or feeding tube is coming. So we have to work on this TODAY. Has had physical therapy twice today and a visit from Rosie the golden retriever who makes bedside visits.

The nurse told Andrew he could have cake and ice cream if he wanted it because they want him to increase his calorie intake asap. When she told him he could have sweets, he glanced at me as if I were going to say something about the sugar. Oh...he knows me well.

The last cultures they have taken did not show any new bacteria growing so that is a VERY GOOD REPORT TODAY!!!

Because of that report they have changed his antibiotics to one that is more specific to the infection he is fighting.

According to the surgeon we will be here several more days.

Wherever we are...the fragrance of the knowledge of HIM is spread everywhere.

Love to you all!


  1. Thanks for the update sis. Praise God for no new bacteria growing. Praying for Andrew to eat more. I continue to stand with you in this battle. I love you.

  2. Thank you so much for the update. What great news! Ice cream and cake should hit the spot and we'll keep praying for him to eat more and more...

    Still believing,

  3. Praise the Lord! I knew a good report was in the works! I stumbled upon your blog the FIRST DAY you posted something about Andrew's temporary condition. My husband and I have been praying for Andrew. Our names are Josh and Megan, and we have 2 little girls. KEEP FIGHTING!!! WE KNOW A HEALING IS IN THE WORKS!!! It is happening RIGHT NOW!

  4. Oh...bless his little heart for giving pause about the sweets! Did you tell him you would give him an entire cake and a gallon of ice cream? I love that!

    Absolutely we are to pray in faith with a complete knowledge that God WILL answer our prayers. It is His greatest joy to give to those who love and believe in Him. Praise God!

    Abba Father, we give you thanks and praise for the healing you have already done in Andrew and we pray for that healing now to come to completion. Thank you for the lives that have been touched through Andrew and all that will continue to be touched and changed. We ask your special blessing on this family and for continued healing in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King!

    Amen, amen, amen! God bless you all Melanie!

  5. Hi melanie. Yep. Stand firm in faith that Andrew is healed. Thank you Father! Thank you! We praise and worship you ! I am praying without ceasing. Praying all the way from Texas.

  6. Hallelujah for the lack of new bacteria! Praying for a hearty appetite for your little guy! And, yes, believing God for total healing.

    Sending love, love, love.


  7. Praising God for no new bacteria!!

    Praying that Andrew's appetite will return and a feeding tube won't be necessary.

  8. I am laughing about the sugar...I suggested the McDonald's milk shake! :-)

    I do think that you have faith that could move mountains, Melanie! I pray that God rewards your great faith with complete healing of Andrew.

  9. We prayed for Andrew last night at Bible study. There were about 29 ladies in attendance and the prayer list was sent out to several more today.
    We're doing Beth Moore's study "The Inheritance" and
    are loving it.
    Tell Andrew a bunch of ladies in Oklahoma prayed for him last night.

  10. Just wanted you to know that the Lord showed me your son skateboarding! Be of good cheer! Martha

  11. Thank you for the update, Melanie. Thank the Lord for the good report. I pray that Andrew can eat more. Praying for a miracle ~

  12. Your update is gratefully appreciated as I have Andrew on my blog for prayer, he, & you all, is thought of often. This is very good news ... God is good!

    Terry needs prayers & support. Her hubby was in a bad accident today. Terrytreasures.blogspot.com

    Have a lovely autumn week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  13. Thank you for taking the time to let us all stay informed. That is good news about no bacteria. Praise God. Continue in our prayer for your family and for Andrew.

  14. I wanted to come by and see how Andrew is doing. I am praying and believing in faith for his healing and for all of you. I'm also praising God for what He's done so far for your Andrew!

  15. I came online to see how our Andrew is doing. We're praying still. Trusting GOD FOR A COMPLETE HEALING AND WHOLENESS for him. I pray for his appetite to stir up and thank GOD no new bacteria.


  16. Praying for you all...

    K. Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

  17. Hi Melanie, I'm checking here every day anxiously awaiting news. You, Andrew, your family they are in my thoughts and of course prayers. I hope God is graciously giving you an abundance of strength and peace of mind and peace in your heart and you feel Him there with you all. I am praying for you.

  18. I hope he ate some cake and ice cream. So glad the test shows no new bacteria. I am praying for complete healing. Thank yo so much for taking the time to update us. laurie

  19. I am all for cake and ice cream.....hope yall have a restful night...

  20. Melanie,
    Your faith is so evident and beautiful. What a fight ya'll are in, but Oh the fragrance you are spreading of the knowledge of Him. It is so beautiful!!

    Have a Blessed day ~~ praying on,

  21. Praying for your sweet boy!

  22. You have a beautiful family and your love of the Lord is obvious. Andrew's situation has made me think through what I see in the bible about healing. Isn't the verse you quoted concerning asking for wisdom, not healing? I have always wondered about healing and why it is some are healed and others w/very strong faith are "healed into heaven". I will continue to pray for Andrew! He is a beautiful boy!
    5But if any of you (N)lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and (O)it will be given to him.

    6But he must (P)ask in faith (Q)without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, (R)driven and tossed by the wind.

    7For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord,

    8being a (S)double-minded man, (T)unstable in all his ways.

  23. Yes, the scripture before does talk about receiving "wisdom" but James adds, "that man ought not to expect that he will receive ANYTHING from the Lord." So, I think ANYTHING means ANYTHING not limiting ANYTHING to wisdom alone.
    Jesus healed ALL who came to HIM. We have come to HIM. We look to the Word for what God says about healing not to anyone else's experience.

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  25. Hello Mel,
    Glad to hear the good report. Today is the end of the nineth month. We are expecting a miracle of double any day. Yesterday I saw a sign. It said: "Faith is not believing God can do it. Faith is knowing He will!" Our faith knows that our Father will be faithful to complete the healing of Andrew. Praise to God from whom ALL blessings flow! Love you! Love Dannie! Love A,A & A!!! I hope to see you soon.

  26. Amen. Amen. Lack of faith, of truly believing the Lord will do what He says He will do is at the root of a crisis in faith. When we believe He CAN and WILL DO what we ask, in sincere faith, He WILL answer our prayers. Your unwavering faith in the Lord and what He CAN and WILL Do will see you through this time (but you already know that, don't you!?). :) Praying for your family (as is my Sunday school class)...


  27. Still praising Him for the miracle He is working in Andrew's life. What an awesome GOd we serve. Our faith must be firm - unwavering. We must believe!

    Many blessings,

  28. Oh dear child of God, you keep speaking the Word over your precious child and this situation. Keep believing, keep believing, KEEP BELIEVING!!! I'm praying and believing for a miracle sweet one.

    Your blog touches me so. The very fact that you would take prayer requests and pray for others during this most difficult time in your own life touches me more than mere words will allow me to express. You my dear are precious.

    Praying on,

  29. Standing on the WORD only for Andrew dear sister. When my husband was very ill for 3 years what dr's could not do I knew ONLY my GOD could do! I stood on HIS WORD! I did not waiver. I did not allow anyone's words to sway me even well meaning people who just weren't standing where I was standing. SO HOLD ON TO THE WORD dear sister. I'm trusting and standing with you all the way!

    A complete MIRACLE for Andrew in the Name of JESUS! Hallelujah.

    Love you, Andrew and your family.

  30. Standing on God's word with you dear, I believe.

  31. Melanie,Oh how my heart goes out to you from one mother to another. But you are doing the best for dear Andrew and that is praying to God for total healing. There are times when we don't know what to do or pray and God hears our cries.I totally believe we have to pray believing that our prayers are answered, believing in faith. I am only here today from everyones prayers and God does do miracles today not just back in biblical times. I am standing with you in faith for a complete healing for Andrew and also for strength,and comfort for you and your family.God bless you and hold you up.
    Sister in Christ,

  32. Hi Melanie...so good to read your post today. I stand with you that it is all about our Faith...no doubts, no wavering....healing is available and free and God desires all of his children to be whole and well!

    You have so inspired me, Melanie! Remember your post about the bracelet? You spoke to my heart...I think that I shared with you in a comment that I also have one of those Brighton bracelets, and it is one of my favs! Last night I found myself in a restaurant at a meeting with a Christan sister, making plans for a ladies event. Our waitress was amazed that we had so much to discuss (well, we were there for 3 hours!) and couldn't imagine what kind of event would cause us to spend so much time! She just didn't know we were planning for a "Jesus event"...when we left, we left cards with good wishes on the table, and as I stood, I felt compelled to put my bracelet on the table (a blue and white porcelain beaded one that I had made). I don't know the outcome, but I was obedient and believe that she will be blessed.

    Thanks for sharing your life and being such a blessing to me!
    Love you!

  33. Melanie, I well remember when your grandmother's face was healed & how she asked God to reveal His power through her one more time by healing her. What a faithful God! I thought about that experience last week when reading Psalm 71 (which I believe was her favorite Bible chapter). And then there are the testimonies of all those healed when your grandfather prayed for them. And we know God has not changed; He still heals today. I'm continuing to pray for Andrew & your family.

  34. Romans 4:20 - He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; (KJV)

    Continuing to stand with you, believe and give thanks for all God has done and WILL do!!

    Keep holding on my sweet friend~

  35. Melanie...if I had some brillant words, I wish I could think of them now....but all I can say is many prayers are being said for Andrew. NO ONE knows what you and your family are facing. You hold on to your faith and scripture. Many times, so many times, the doctors seem to need to tell me I cannot be healed. I tell them to stop. Maybe that is true, but what good does it do to take away my hope. My LORD will take me through the path I need to go...I still HOPE that is healing here on earth. You hold on to your hope. And I will continue to pray, not only for healing, but for peace and strength for your whole family. I cannot tell you how my heart aches for you. You come to mind so many times during the day..and we have never met...just imagine how much more those that know you are constantly bringing Andrew and you before the throne.

  36. If we don't stand on faith, we'll fall for anything. Praise God for women of faith, like you, who will stand on His Word and lead others by example. I am convinced of this one thing...Andrew will be healed in Jesus name. As Ang and I prayed for Andrew yesterday morning, a big smile came to my face as I had visions of him looking at you over the sugar bit. I pray he's eating more of whatever his heart desires. Love and ((hugs)) in Christ.

  37. Inspired by your faith.

    Still praying for Andrew and your family.

  38. I am still praying and still BELIEVING with you. Let us go to Jesus expecting a miracle...Jesus even healed the woman who believed that if she could just touch his cloak she would be healed...she crawled grazing the hem of his robe with her fingers...how much more awesome that we can go boldly before the throne of Christ with our request! Expecting him to do more than we can ask or imagine!!!

  39. Hi Melanie,
    I have been praying for Andrew and glad to hear there is no new bacteria.
    Thanks for the updates.

  40. Standing firm on God's Word with you, and continuing to pray for dear Andrew, and you all! Love, Rhonda :)

  41. Inspired by your faith! I'm praying and believing with you.

  42. Melanie, just wanted you to know I am praying for Andrew and your family.
    With Love,

  43. I am so happy to hear there is no new bacterial growth. Praise God for that. As a thought, have you contacted any healing ministries for prayer. I'm sure you have. It's just that Sid Roth keeps coming to my mind. He's at sidroth.org

    Just a thought.

    Believing God will intervene!

  44. Dear Melanie,
    You are a beacon of light. The fire of faith burns brightly in your heart. I love seeing your faith declarations of facebook. Since I have been absent from blogging (shut off life for the wedding planning) I wasnt sure when this all started, but I have been praying for him and very much delighting in your steadfast declarations!
    To God be the glory as our Jehovah Rapha (The God who heals) do His wonder working in our midst for Andrew. Ask Seek Knock...Ask and yo will receive and your joy will be complete. If you ask anything in My name, it will be done for you. (Jesus)

  45. Hi Melanie,

    I just found your blog and read all the way to the beginning of this challenging journey. I so agree with your trust in the promises of our God! I pray that you have peaceful sleep. I imagine that's tough right now. That kind of sleep is a Grace of God sleep! I'll be praying for Andrew! And for your family! So many people don't understand your walk of faith! I do! You go daughter of the King!

  46. I'm really grateful to hear the report and I've been praying ever since Andrew Boggs called and asked me to pray (I'm a friend of his from school). Something has been bothering me, though, about the way you asked us to pray for Andrew. I was wondering if you could explain. You said something to the effect of: you didn't want any negativity in any prayers about him (or something) and don't ask for God's will to be done because you already know it's God's will. God has done a few miracles in my life and in the lives of the people I love and I definitely have full faith that He can fully heal your son if that's His plan but I don't know that it is. It very well might be and it probably is because a lot of you seem to be very sure about it but I can't ask God to do something that may not be His will. He hasn't told me that it is (or that it isn't). So I'm just curious if you're suggesting that it's a bad thing to ask for His will to be done instead of just assuming that you heard Him right and asking Him to do it.

  47. I really wish I could find a portion of something that I heard Bible teacher Beth Moore say a few years ago about "hope."
    We definitely pray for God's will, but we never give up hope.
    About the time B.M had spoken about the subject of hope, one of our music directors at church was found in his home VERY ill.
    It was unknown if he would even live. I'm still not sure what infection had taken over his body, but for a while all I heard was negative talk about his condition. Then I heard B.M. say something that really made me think. She said we never lose hope.
    Oh, I sure wish I could remember and don't want to misquote, but the main thought was "we" (healthy & strong) standing in the gap for someone. Our music director was not even conscious and needed all of us Christians to stand in the gap and pray, and pray with hope, believing God to do something huge. I would hear negative things like "I don't think he's going to make it...." "He's bad."
    We have to race reality, but probably like you, I want only encouragers and prayer warriors if I'm ever in your situation or anything similar.
    So, yes, we pray God's will. That's part of the Lord's prayer and the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray, but there is a whole lot in the Scriptures about faith and hope and miracles.
    Our music director is completely well. He spoke about this recently before he was about to sing and told how the doctors had said if he lived he'd be a vegetable. It's amazing and I'm so thankful I was a part of that miracle because I stood in the gap and never lost hope of what God is very capable of doing. :) Praise God!!!!
    I love you Melanie and am praying and believing God for huge things in your life today. I pray God sends special people to you and your family today.

    Also, I had read a comment yesterday on your blog from a friend of yours who mentioned Psalm 71.
    It was so cool because I was going to the dr. about my knee yesterday morning and when I read that verse I had written that my son had seen this same dr. back in '06 for his back. I had his initials and the request written on verse 1 or Ps. 71.
    This confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing by going to see this dr.

    "In Thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion."

    I got an injection in my knee and today it feels GREAT!

    Love and prayers from OK!
    (sorry so long!) :)

  48. Sara, from what I read in God's Word, it IS His will to heal. If you can find that it is not, show it to me. Find it, please. Book, chapter and verse. I'll read it if you can find it.
    All I see is it IS God's will to heal. Would you also pray that if it be God's will to save someone you love, then let it happen but if it NOT be God's will, then okay, that person cannot be saved?
    Jesus took the wounds upon His back for our healing. He was crucified for our salvation. My part in salvation is to believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus is the Son of God. Then I receive salvation by faith. My part in healing is to believe God's Word which already tells me that it is HIS will to heal. Then confess I am healed and receive healing by faith. When you already have God's will given to you in His Word, you don't have to ask for His will. Where His will is not explicitly stated in His word, that is when I ask for HIS Will. When I pray the Lord's prayer, "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" ~ there is NO disease, sickness, sin in heaven.
    I would have replied directly to you, but you left no way for me to do that.
    In His Love and Grace,

  49. Ha Mel, we sent out a lot of prayer this past weekend. I made shirts with your blog address. Gave them away. I told alot of people about Andrew.

  50. "Faith" is a gift God give to the non believers. To really understand the meaning of faith one must first become a believer.

  51. Continuing to stand in the Gap for you and your precious family.


  52. This is our seaon of miracles sweetie, love you.

  53. Still praying for Andrew! God bless you all. Your writings are so poignant. Blessings.