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Sep 26, 2009

Our Miracle Child ~ Andrew!

Weeping endures for the night, but JOY comes in the morning. Tuesday night and Wednesday were very difficult days for us. I felt like I was losing my "fight." But my husband was able to be strong when I was weak. After surgery I slept on the sleeper chair while my husband waited on Andrew through the night. Even though I heard every monitor beep and every exchange of words, just being able to lie still was refreshing.
My husband and I have a pact. No matter what we hear, no matter what someone else's belief may be, we are taking our spiritual authority over our son. God gave him to us to steward his life and we intend to steward well while he is in our care.


We are the ones, who other than God, love Andrew the most in the world. We are the ones who conceived Andrew following a rough patch in our marriage. Andrew was our "miracle" child. He cemented our love and commitment to one another and to our family.
From the time Andrew was a little baby, he always had a smile. For a while, his dad called him "Smiley."
We want that smiling boy back again and we KNOW we will have him.

Yesterday I thought about the Apostle Paul's words, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. But if I live on in the flesh, this will mean fruit from my labor..."
In thinking of those words, I also thought about how we Christians believe that God has a purpose and a plan for each of us. I have asked God that Andrew fulfills the plan and purpose for his life. For Andrew to live is for the cause of Christ. I want our family's purpose and the individual plan for each of us to go forth. It is the enemy of our souls who attempts to thwart God's plan. He is the one who wants to take us out to keep us from fulfilling our purpose on this earth.
I want our family to go together (alive) in the rapture of the Body of Christ. This is what I am asking.

Again I am reminded of the scripture in Eph. 3:20, "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or imagine according to the POWER THAT WORKS IN US, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen."
God does the miracle and the healing...but he expects us to do the work of believing, praying and receiving. And if you have ever been in a position where with man, the "work" seemed impossible, then you know how much "work" is involved in keeping your faith built up, your fear down and your belief in the POWER of God to manifest the outward sign of an inward healing.

It was Jesus, the Son of God, who said that with God, all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).
Do we really believe that ALL things are possible with God? Do we REALLY believe that? Or is it just a comforting thought? Belief or thought? You must choose.
I choose to BELIEVE. I choose LIFE.

Our warrior, God's newest recruit in HIS army, ate a little bit of a banana today. He sipped a little bit of Ensure and reported it to be "nasty." Sergeant Mom had to get stern with him about eating real food because word has it that if he doesn't eat today a feeding tube will be necessary.
If you could see Andrew's shaved head, you would see he looks like he just got the "new recruit buzz." Still handsome though...just waiting for that smile!

Be encouraged today that whatever you are facing, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Don't give up the good fight of faith! It really is a fight sometimes. Fight for your marriage, fight for joy and peace in your home, fight for your health, fight for your children's spiritual growth, fight, fight, fight soldier. FIGHT! Yes, the battle is the Lord's but he needs you to do your part. Why else would he tell us to put on the full armor? Because we have to fight.
Melanie, Dan, Audra, Avery & Andrew (Ted, too)
* All of our family and friends appreciate you sisters (and brothers) interceding and encouraging me...all of us. My husband has been so thankful for the support you have given me. It truly has kept me built up when I have needed it soooo much. And I am still praying for those of you who have needs.


  1. Amen to everything you said, dear Melanie! We are standing with you in faith, believing for Andrew's miracle from God.

  2. O LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress. (NIV) Isaiah 33:2

    Dear Melanie,

    Once again I come to comfort and offer support, and leave comforted by YOU!!!!!!

    Thank so for always pointing us to Jesus.

    He is ABLE, He is FAITHFUL, He is True. And He is the God of MIRACLES!!

    Praying for our warrior day and night!

    Keep holding on to Jesus and we hold you up before the Lord.

    I'm here for you♥

  3. Continuing to storm the heavens on Andrew's behalf with prayers.

    A suggestion (if the dr. will let you). Take the ensure and a little of his favorite ice cream and put it in the blender. It will make a yummy milkshake and lots of people actually enjoy eating/drinking it this way.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. FIGHT and KEEP FIGHTING!! Amen Sister!

    Always Praying, Brandi

  5. Still praying! I am always blessed by your posts. Andrew is a miracle child.

  6. thanks you so much for updating this blog. i have been checking all day as often as possible, and then finally there you were...with the GOOD NEWS!!!
    God is great, God is good.
    Bless you dear melanie and family. you are such a wonderful role model on how to be a great MOM!!!! as my girls say, you rock!!! so does Jesus!
    love robin

  7. Hi Melanie. I am teary here as I read your post. I am soo happy that Andrew ate a little bit.
    We belong to God. Isn't that the best there is? We belong to God.
    Pray without Ceasing. (HUGS)

  8. Don't let anyone get you down, Mel! Only you (& your husband) know what is best for YOUR son.

    Having said that, I wonder if you got him a McDonald's milk shake, dumped half out and mixed the ensure into it, if it would become a yummy treat. Give him calories & nutrition with some taste too. Just a thought to encourage eating.

  9. My husband and I feel compelled to do a prayer conference call for Andrew.

    Sun., Sept. 27, 3 PM EST
    Access Code 81560

    We will lead and the line will be open. You can talk or not, it’s up to you. Come as you are. Now is the time.

    *From the U.S., normal domestic long-distance charges apply. Cell phones work fine.

  10. You've got me all pumped up this afternoon! Thanks for the update. I praise God that Andrew was able to eat some banana and drink a little Ensure.

    My sis in law, Jenny (Andrew's nurse) will be working on Monday. I told her to give you a big hug for me.

    Still believing and praying for God's best!

  11. How wonderful and miraculous that, after all he has been through, he can tell you that the Ensure was nasty! Praying for the miracles to continue. laurie

  12. Melanie, I stand beside you and your family with the hand of the Lord holding you up in prayers and spirit. I will continue to pray for you and your family as you go through this incredibly hard journey. The Lord will stand beside you our prayers will hold you up, and by the grace of God you will get your miracle. God bless you.


  13. Praying and believing with you...knowing that God is more than enough.....I love the scripture you used..."exceedingly...above..." not just what we ask...but "exceedingly above"...that is what I pray for Andrew...exceedingly...above....all that you can ask, think, or believe for him. May the presence of His peace so surround you all that it will cause others to ask what it is. You are truly a blessing and a testimony giving glory to God and blessings to everyone who reads your posts.

  14. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers....Pat

  15. So glad to hear you got Andrew to eat a bit, Sergeant Mom!

    After fighting thru many situations in our family (most of them physical), and feeling exhausted, God gave me my fight back a few weeks ago. When we are weak, HE IS STRONG for us!

    Still praying!

  16. continuing to pray alongside you all.

  17. Melanie~ I'm so thankful for what God is doing! The enemy does want to steal, kill, and destroy what God has built - and we stand with you in resisting him any access to your son!

    God's strength and blessings upon you all... Psalm 3:5 "I lay down and slept. I wakened again. For the Lord sustained me."

    Love to you all... Jennifer

  18. Carry on in the battle sister, love you. My prayers never end.

  19. I am so encouraged by your words. Your faith is wonderful. I am sure God smiles when he looks upon you. I will be praying for your whole family. Blessings.

  20. Melanie - My dear friend Cathy from Melodies and Hymnsongs directed me here and I am joining with you in prayer. And I will be back often. Praying for strength for the battle as you take authority and stand FIRM. ~Adrienne~

  21. i was so glad to read this report...still praying

  22. Good for Andrew with the banana, will be praying that food continues to work for him! Absolutely, we BELIEVE that all things are possible through God. I was struck by an urge to pray specifically for you late last night Melanie. I could feel your weariness. I pray that you are all getting the rest you need to continue to fight this battle. We have an awesome God who heals every minute of everyday all over this world...and He does perform MIRACLES...there is no question. Praying He has one in store for Andrew soon.

    God bless all of you!

  23. Your faith is so beautiful. I love coming here and reading your inspiring faith. It encourages me in my own miracle of which I wait. I was and still am in awe of the three scriptures you mentioned because I just recently mentioned them also in my post. Eph. 3:20 and Mark 10:27 all things possible with God. I also mentioned a similar verse about to die with Christ is to live/gain. If you have a moment at all, I would be honored for you to read it and be encouraged. It's called The Dead Will Rise. God is a god of impossibilities. A favorite quote of mine is " Impossibilities set the stage for amazing miracles." I may have shared that with you before.

    You are in the right place and I stand behind you for believing with all your heart for God to heal Andrew. In my post I also mentioned how it is the power in us to believe and pray as Eph. 3:20says.

    Here is the link if you so want to read: http://hisways-isaiah558.blogspot.com/2009/09/dead-will-rise.html

    Believing with you,

  24. Hi: My name is Martha and I want to tell you I will be praying for your son and your family. My husband was 4th stage cancer. We were told to get our stuff in order. That was 10 years ago and a bone marrow transplant later. God is in the business of Mircles. I will expect one with you, dear sister. Blessings, Martha

  25. Amen...praying for all of you and for that sweet smile to shine forth....

  26. My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew and you and his family...

  27. Thank you for keeping us updated. I've been out of town, but you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


  28. I too, have an Andrew that is in this fight. We call him Drew. Drew was diagnosed with a GBM at 4 years old. He is now 9. Miracles do happen. God's miracles surround us, even in this horrendous battle. We are praying for God's miraculous healing in Andrew. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.


  29. I am always here and with you all in prayer each step of the way...

    God Bless You All today and everyday...
    K. Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

    P.S. I love the McDonald's suggestion!

  30. TY for the news ... Andrew is kept in constant thought & prayer. He is with us thru all. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  31. I continue to lift you, your son and your family in prayer. I am blessed and encouraged by your strong faith.


  32. Praying for Andrew. You are right, I believe, about the fighting, though the battle belongs to the Lord.

  33. I'm continuing to pray for Andrew and for you and hubby to be strengthened in your faith as you walk through this storm.

    You are loved.

  34. Blessings Melanie, Dan & family & sweet blessings, power & might & LIFE to ANDREW...I cannot be at the PRAYER CONFERENCE CALL(since I'm in Mexico) but God hears my prayer and I will be praying for you all with you all! I posted ONE TOUCH by Nicole C. Mullen yesterday for Andrew and let people know today about Beverly @ Dancing with Daffodils doing this conference call today uniting us ALL in prayer for ANDREW...how wonderful to intercede in this way! We don't look at how big the problem is but how much BIGGER our God is!!! I left this prayer on my blog for ANDREW today with 3 battle videos of these songs & dances: Battle is the Lord's, Are you ready? & Acquire the Fire...I'm praying on FIRE and believing...I'm ready to see signs of wonders & miracles in Andrew...I'm raising high the banner of triumph over ANDREW:

    Jesus, I recognize You as the One Who heals. You are the Great Physician. I bring ANDREW before You, and I ask for Your healing touch. I bind all fear and the spirit of infirmity in Jesus Name.

    I recognize the authority of Your shed blood, and I establish that as a banner over Andrew’s life right now. I loose Your peace (that surpasses all understanding and guards their hearts and minds) over ANDREW. I ask that Your will be done and that Your kingdom come in this situation.

    Please send Your Holy Spirit to work in ANDREW’s family, bringing a greater witness of the reality of Jesus to those that are saved and those who are lost. Redeem this circumstance for Your glory because You alone are worthy!

    You are sufficient. Nothing is impossible. We ask that the infection leave in Jesus Name and along with it, all pain so that all headaches end NOW. Kill off all cells that do not belong and restore the good ones to full strength to combat the unseen. We believe for a miracle for ANDREW in Jesus Name. We speak LIFE to ANDREW, strengthen his spirit, mind and body...help him to fight a good fight, a victorious one. By Your stripes, ANDREW is healed. We exalt You, as his HEALER!

    Thank You for all You are doing for each member of the family. Thank You for the wisdom and compassion that You are ordaining the perfect steps of each medical person involved! Bless each one! May this build their faith in You! We give You all glory, honor and praise for healing ANDREW and we thank You now and forevermore. This battle is Yours LORD!

    We call on You to go before, along side & behind ANDREW, his mother, Melanie & his father and the entire family giving them peace, comfort, assurance, strength, wisdom, divine power, endurance and even JOY! May ANDREW's smile return to brighten their hope in You!

    'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty. Zec.4:6

  35. I came from Edie's blog... and was on the prayer conference. I am praying for Andrew and your family. May Andrew be healed!! In Christ's Name I pray, Amen!

  36. Melanie,
    I'm reading this once again with tears....sweet tears, not sad tears.
    You and your family are amazing and it's such a blessing to read your updates. I'm so thankful Andrew has praying parents who know God to be a God who still performs miracles & still heals and still does wonders today.
    May God continue to heal Andrew completely and keep him free of pain and my He also continue to give you all peace and strength.
    I'm praying and believing right along side you.
    Valerie in Oklahoma

  37. Fight, fight, fight. Yes, we stand united in faith. I'm believing for God to show off in the lives of his peeople. Let the healing begin, Lord. We need Your tender touch. We need You to work in our health, our marriages, our finances, our relationships. Everything we have is Yours. You are our daily bread. Feed your children, we are hungry for more of You.

  38. Pray pray praying! I think and pray for Andrew everyday! Nancy from OHIO

  39. I am praying and fighting in this battle for warrior Andrew. I love you.

  40. Sunday afternoon - hope Andrew is doing well today. Hope you and your family are getting some rest...prayers and thoughts..all the time.

  41. My husband and I continue to stand with you in prayer before the Throne for Andrew. Praying also for you and your entire family.

    Love and blessings.

  42. Melanie,
    My wife Penny and I are Godparents of your neighbor Jennifer Weatherilt. Since Jennifer, her mother and grandmother have told us about Andrew's situation we have been in prayer and have asked hundreds more to join us. I am involved in Kairos Prison Ministry and have prayed for Andrew with prison inmates that I meet with. I am very uplifted by your Blogspot and have been checking it regularly. Your spiritual journey reveals a deep connection with our Lord. I would like to introduce you to my blogspot and my devotional website. They each have links to the other. I won't get too detailed here, but checkout my sites when you have a chance. Since my brain surgery for the removal of a tumor in 1993 my life has done a 180 spiritually although I thought I was on the right track already. Go to http://piousbob.home.mindspring.com/ for my daily devotionals (also published in my book). My blog, which is new writings with a link to my devotionals is at http://seekinggodwithpiousbob.blogspot.com/ More later. Love & God's Best, Bob

  43. I am still praying and believing for a miracle for Andrew. My S.S. Class is still praying too. Hugs and Blessings for you and your family from NE Texas.

  44. Continuing to pray for a miracle. You take care of yourself, and I will be praying for many moments of rest for you. Jackie

  45. You know we are not giving up and will continue to agree with you heart, mind and soul.

  46. Still praying and believing Melanie! I'm believing for a miracle and a testimony that will amaze. Praying, praying and praying!

  47. Praying for you and your sweet child. Our Father is the Great Healer. I will pray for Andrew's healing.

  48. Keeping the faith with you, believing we will receive. I love you.

  49. I just wanted you to know that our Church in California prayed for your son on Sunday. He has been put on the pray chain. I also wrote something about Andrew on my blog and asked the ladies that follow it to pray. I have asked the Lord to bring Andrew to my mind anytime he needs extra pray. Please know that you have people in the Body of Christ, standing with you, regarding your son. A mircle is on it's way! Blessing you and your family, Martha