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Nov 20, 2008

Wings To Soar

Perhaps you've noticed and maybe even wondered about the wings in my sidebar. At first I even had the wings in my header but it made it hard to read my quote Thoughts Soar with Words for Wings...

For many years, I have had an affinity for the symbolism of wings. A friend reminded me a few years ago that when I was a pageant contestant in our college days, my personal question from the emcee was, "If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?" I had totally forgotten all about the question much less my response. But my friend didn't forget. She said my answer was, "I would be a bird because then I could soar." Now while I don't care much for airline travel, I do enjoy those flying dreams I have on occasion. Right above the tree tops! And for home school science, I enjoyed the study of birds way more than my 3 students.
Recently I bought some framed bird prints for my bedroom and I have a few cool bird figurines I enjoy using for tablescapes.

But the reason I am drawn to wings is because it speaks to how Jesus freed me. He broke chains, bonds, and the gravity of sin and fear and set me free to soar! Even higher than the tree tops! While sometimes the dictates of culture and religiosity would clip the wings of women, it is Jesus who says, spread your wings and soar!
You see, when the wings of a bird in flight are widely outstretched, it circles round, rising without a single wingbeat, as if lifted by some invisible hand, higher and higher until it disappears from view. The beautiful dance it seems to be performing is known as soaring.

WINGS is an acronym that God gave me on a little walk and talk we shared one afternoon. I am a Woman In God's Shadow who soars high not in my own power but on the current of His love which sets me free to soar!

The beautiful photo above is by my friend, L~C, who has graciously offered me the use of her photographs. Many of her pieces of art have a spiritual connotation that draws my heart to the heart of God. I especially love this photograph because of the wings...do you see them?

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles...

I'd love to hear how Jesus has given you wings to soar! Do tell.


  1. WOW that is a beautiful picture!!! and you can get the door mat (like at my door) at www.qvc.com. Type in door mat in search box at top and it comes right up.

  2. Oh for the words to describe the beauty of God's creation. God is the ORIGINAL decorator. NO painter could come close to the image Sweet Linda has captured. Only He could love color more than me --- I guess I take after my Father in that regard. I love the acronym for WINGS. Remember our talk from February this year? Sounds like GOD is taking you over the edge...more on that later. Love you! Mean it!

  3. Every time I come to your blog, I find myself singing "They call me mello yellow." (Bella-Mella, Mello Yellow, whatever).

    God took me out of captivity!
    Rejected by an alcoholic mother
    Accepted by a heavenly father.

    Now I soar with the eagles and yearn to spread God's word. He saved me, he can save anyone!

    Beautiful artwork & photography.

  4. Melanie, this is so beautiful. Thanks for linking me to it. I'm so drawn to birds and I think you've just put words to why. Beautiful testimony of God setting us free.

  5. Beautiful Melanie, thanks for sharing this link with me :0)

  6. I have the same animal. A bird. For the same reason: to soar. I've been bound and Christ has freed me to fly.

    Beautiful, friend, just beautiful!