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Nov 14, 2008

Friday's Favorites ~ In Every little Thing, Give Thanks!

Speaking ~ Teaching ~ Inspiring ~Motivating ~ it's one of my Favorite things to do!
Last night I had the privilege of speaking to 85 women at a combination Thanksgiving~Christmas event dubbed Thanksmas. I love opportunities to motivate, inspire, or teach women. But last night was all about fun and entertainment!

My presentation was based on I Thessalonians 5:18 ~ In everything, give thanks. While that scripture often gives us pause to reflect on the BIG things, the ETERNAL things, that we are thankful for, I tweaked it a bit and suggested that In Every little Thing, Give Thanks!

I asked each woman to take one minute and make a list of the little things, the small slices of life, the minor matters, the trivial tidbits, the tiny treasures that are worthy of her gratitude.

Time's Up!
Then I shared my list of 10 little things that I am thankful for. With each one, I inserted a little humor as I told why I am thankful for each triviality.

If a woman listed the same item as one on my list, my Christmas Elf (Guitar Girl) gave her a small gift bag with a tiny treasure! In this way I incorporated the THANKS in THANKSGIVING and the GIVING OF GIFTS in CHRISTMAS.

#1 on my list was COFFEE!

The first hand that went up with coffee on her list received a small bag of coffee...and down the list we went while the thanks and giving continued!

What an honor to stand before those beautiful women...all with a story of their own of thankfulness, gratitude and giving.

It really was a night of THANKSMAS!

I would wish you all a Herry Thanksmas, but that just sounds bad!!!

Just a little postscript~ Several women decorated tables with either a Christmas or a Thanksgiving theme. See the table I did below ~ A little Thanksgiving, of course!


  1. Congrats on the speaking event!!! Hooray! I love coffee too, and more importantly, I am having my first non-home church speaking event tomorrow. So yipppiee.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Mel,
    Love the table! I see some familiar Pilgrims. Where's the INDIANS? While coffee doesn't make my #1 spot, I sure was thankful when my local TARGET opened a STARBUCKS - gotta have my Caramel Frappuccino - double blended with vanilla bean powder and extra caramel topping thank you very much! Yum! Wish I could have been there to hear you speak...

  3. This was great! Your topic sounded fun and grounded in the Word. Keep talking and blessing others. :)

    Loved the idea of giving a token gift to anyone who had the same thing listed. I'm sure that made them feel special. :)

    Havea a super weekend,

  4. Great idea for encouraging the ladies! I know it was a blessing to them, and that they will put to practice something learned that night. :-)

  5. Hi, Melanie!

    Stopping by from Chatty Kelly's blog. Congrats on winning the book!

    The Thanksmas seems like it was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun!

    I've enjoyed visiting here and will stop by again! :)

  6. Not sure about this comment profile thingy....

    did I do it right?


  7. Congrats,on your winnig the drawing over at Chatty Kelly.

    Love the theme...Thanksmas.