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Nov 7, 2008

Friday Favorites - It's Almost Thanksgiving Day

My favorite holiday is only 20 days from now! I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving because it is filled with faith, family, friends and food. How full of good feelings can one day be ? (Unless, of course, it's Christmas.)

But Thanksgiving has all the good feelings of Christmas without the stress that is sometimes a part of the gift-giving process. We mostly celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional way...family members join for fellowship and food and food and food. Did I mention the food part?
Years ago when my two brothers and I were teens, our family of five had an unusual menu on Thanksgiving Day. One of us suggested that, instead of the traditional fare, we have Tex-Mex on Thanksgiving! (Why? I have no idea.) Instead of turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes, we ate tacos, burritos, rice and beans. It was out of the ordinary and a break from tradition, but as you can tell-unforgettable!

My favorite Thanksgiving dishes are Mother's delicious dressing, my sis-in-law's side dish (green bean or broccoli casserole), and my sweet potato souffle. For dessert, Mother makes a couple of pecan pies and I usually add a carrot cake or a buttermilk pie.

Thanksgiving Day traditions at our place: One Fine Man always runs the Turkey Trot 5 K; we watch at least one Christmas movie; we play games (scrabble, etc.); and we eat more pie!

Tell me, what are your Thanksgiving Day traditions? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. For over a decade it was our tradition to go to Prince Charming's sister's (Momma TT's) house for the big day, then us girls would go shopping and the guys would watch football. Then we moved to the Charlotte, NC area. So I decided we needed to start some new traditions of our own. We each start the day by telling one thing that God did for us this year that we are truly thankful for. Prince Charming makes his famous pancakes for breakfast, Royal Prince Adam goes with his Youth Group to a local shelter to help serve dinner and Royal Prince Lucas helps me with the finishing touches to the family room CHRISTmas tree. After Adam gets home we have dinner and the offical tree lighting ceremony and exchange the "first gift of the season". Then we eat desserts and watch a Christmas movie.

  2. Our Thanksgiving tradition is a little un-trasditional.... we go to Gulf Shores, ALabama for the long weekend.... always stay at the same place with a view of the Gulf of Mexico, always eat Thanksgiving dinner at Bubba's Seafood Shack.... always go shopping at Walmart and the outlet mall the next day. Let me tell you.... Wal-Mart at the beach is EMPTY this time of year

  3. Hi Melanie~ Thanks for visiting Smelling Coffee, and for adding me to your blogroll. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts and will definitely be back. (I'll add yours to mine.) :-)

    We love Thanksgiving, too - family, food, fun, and a focus on all of our blessings.