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Nov 3, 2008

Saturday the Macy's in my mall had a fashion show with Clinton Kelly from TLC's What Not To Wear. He was very funny and had a great rapport with the audience. Fortunately I remembered to take my camera! Unfortunately I forgot to get the battery out of the charger! Clinton took questions from the audience and moderated the Fashion Show.
The Season's Trends
Ruffles - tuxedo shirt type ruffles and gentle ruffles on the cuffs of sleeves

The Color Purple
Gray - especially as a neutral

Plaid - Clinton wore a gray plaid jacket over a striped shirt in shades of purple. ('Can't believe I left my battery home - but I'm not bitter.)


And, yay!!!, shrugs are still in! I love a shrug!

More tips from Clinton:
If you wear a colored shoe, carry a neutral bag and vice versa.
Have a few great outfits that fit well instead of a multitude of ill-fitting pieces.
Layers add interest to any outfit.
Regardless of heel height, pants should be a 1/2 " from the floor.
(This is my personal pet peeve: high heels with pants that are too short!)
Lastly - ban the T-shirts! Wear blouses instead!
Soon to come - my personal tips for what to wear if you are a short-y like I am!
I have embraced my shortness and actually wear flats sometimes. Check out my new flats I wore while teaching today. (Alfani on sale for $24)

Psst...Do me a favor...pretend the grout on my tile floor is clean!


  1. How exciting! I heard he is quite fabulous in person so wish I could have been there! You asked me on my blog when I'll be back to Tampa Bay area to do one of my workshops (What Not to Wear: A Christian Perspective)...and the answer is "I don't know!) I am booked through the first 6 months of 2009, so maybe fall 09 or spring 2010...seems crazy to be that far out because I was there at least 3 times this past spring! Thanks for visiting and YOU are beautiful, by the way! Shari (Love the shoes!)

  2. Great shoes! And the tile looks totally fine.

    What a cute post. And look who commented right above me... the Style Queen herself. Oh my... I need to go check my outfit now that I know the queen is lurking about in bloggy land.


  3. I canna'believe my BFF is wearing flats! Where are the beloved wedges??? Your new shoes are very stylish. Love 'em!