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May 3, 2011

31 Days Closer to a Cuter You! Day 4

Olive Oil for your Pop-Eyes
(I have to credit my daughter, Audra, for this title!)

Recipe for a natural cleansing method:
 Mix in a small bowl ~
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon brown sugar
Apply to your face and gently scrub. Don't forget your neck but stay away from the delicate under eye area. There is no need to remove your makeup before using this scrub. When you are done, remove the scrub with a warm, wet washcloth. 

To remove eye makeup and mascara, pour a small amount of olive oil  (about the size of a dime) into your palm. Close one eye at a time and put the oil on your lashes. Using your rinsed damp cloth, remove the oil. Now do the other eye. 
Follow this cleansing method with a splash of warm water, followed by a cool water splash. 
Blot your face dry. 
Your face will feel as smooth as a baby's butt.

Tomorrow's post: Cellulite Coffee Sugar Scrub

The Give a Way Winner of Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad by Shari Braendel is Elaine who blogs at Peace for the Journey. Congrats, Elaine!

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  1. Oh wow! That's so cool. But am I gutsy enough to try it?? Hmmmm. Not sure.

  2. That sounds wonderful...I wonder if I would break out with all that oil, though. I have to use Proactiv. Which I love. But my face doesn't feel like a baby's butt or anything.


  3. I'm enjoying your 31 days! Reading them on e-mail, but had to hop on here and tell you. Keep it up - looking forward to more. :-)


  4. oh...my....it is 1:15 am and i just tried this....LOVE IT! i might be touching my face all day (which i know is not good, but who cares)

  5. Looks good...I also read that Castor oil helps your eyelashes to grow...true? Yea for more info.

  6. I'm going to make some tonight and try this out. Thanks Mel!