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May 2, 2011

31 Days Closer to a Cuter You! Day 2

Wake Up Little Suzy

If you could only take one beauty tool on a deserted island, what would it be?

My #1 item would have to be tweezers.

But this is not about being on a desert island. Whew! That’s a relief.

Other than tweezers, my eyelash curler gets daily use.
Even if you do nothing, I mean NOTHING else, if you curl your eyelashes, you automatically look more alert and, quite simply, better!
So, Wake Up Little Suzy and pop those eyes open.

Even a bare face looks better with curled eyelashes and mascara!
And to kick that up a notch, curl first then apply mascara. This is a picture I took last week before my daily run. I was actually trying out my new bondiband to write about on my running blog.  And while, obviously I do not have a perfect complexion and I could have used a little tweezer action, curled lashes and mascara really help a girl out! And besides, I believe a part of looking your best is being appropriate to the situation. And full makeup is not how I roll when I run!

 Sephora's How To Curl Your Lashes

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  1. I always forget about my eyelash curler! I am going to try and remember that in the morning!!

  2. My eyes seem to run in fear when I try to bring that thing close to them... "Ruuuun...a MONSTER is trying to EAT us!!" is what I hear in the tears that flow...but I will try it out a bit more often to see if that changes.

  3. Posted on my blog this morning...excited to see what I can learn...thanks

  4. Girl, you curl your eye lashes before a run? You are so far ahead of me. I think I'll need an extra 31 days of tips!

  5. I never curl my lashes...but I probably should. I have a very uneven complexion AND light eyelashes AND light eyebrows. I feel like I have to use foundation, mascara and fill in my eyebrows before I got anywhere...even a run. sigh...to have the skin tone of my Guatemalan daughter.

  6. Well thanks...I have never curled my lashes in all my life...don't even know what they would look like if I did. But tweezers...well I need those now...because of unwanted facial hairs on my chin...LOL
    Thanks...will try it out.

  7. Only tried curling my lashes once... it was a disaster. I'm a tweeze-a-holic!

  8. Even though I didn't log on... 'm following! I know I will get some great tips from you!


  9. Oh...curl first, then mascara? I've always applied mascara then curled. My eyebrows are so unruly I must get them waxed on a regular basis. Thanks for the tip!

  10. Totally get the tweezers on the deserted island. I use my eyelash curler on a special occasion but I will make that change today. thanks Melanie. Can't wait to meet you!!!!! B