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May 10, 2011

31 Days Closer to a Cuter You! Day 10 "Get Dressed!"

Have you heard of Shabby Apple? Shabby Apple is a website that primarily features dresses. 
From the Shabby Apple website:

"We’re an online dress boutique selling women’s dresses, casual dresses, skirts, and women’s apparel. We recognize that finding the perfect dress can sometimes be challenging, which is why strive to design highly fashionable dresses for all types of women."

The unique thing about the Shabby Apple website is the feature that lets you shop for dresses by your body type.
The categories are:
There is also a quick quiz you can take to determine your body type (if you are still unsure). 
Aside from your basic body type, other factors to consider when dressing to look your best are:
  • height
  • torso to leg ratio (long torso or long waisted with short legs, short torso/short waisted with long legs, or perfectly proportioned torso to leg length {lucky!} )
  • long neck, short neck, average 
  • current weight
 This is my pick for me!  ~ the Frida K and the Ingrid both on the "Hourglass" page.


  1. Thanks for sharing..still working through it all and learning..thanks for the web site.

  2. Love Love Love this! What a great way to get an idea of what we should be wearing to "accentuate the good" in our figures. I am continuing to re-evaluate my clothes choices. Time to go shopping!! haha