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May 16, 2011

31 Days Closer to a Cuter You! "Skirting the Issue"

My lovely "skirted" niece ~
 I wear skirts far more often than dresses. Skirts give you a lot of fashion mileage as you are able to create more options with separates. 
If you are a fan of THE SKIRT, this is your summer because skirts are "in" ~ as if they were ever out. 

General guidelines for choosing skirts to flatter your figure ~ 

  • H/b/rectangle ~ try a bubble skirt to create curves: click HERE and HERE

H, O, Inverted Triangle

  •  O/apple ~ shorter A-line, or ruffled for volume, flouncy: click HERE

  • Inverted triangle ~ click HERE

  • A/d/pear ~ A-line skirt: click HERE
  • X/hourglass ~ pencil skirt: click HERE


  1. Thanks...funny how my eyes still goes to the type of skirt I loved in my 20's and 30's...just not the same body type...need to change my eye.

    Oh found some wonderful bathing suits...love the swim dress!! Yea!!!! for the new style.

  2. Your posts are always so fun!! I still love the A-line :)

  3. I still love the pencil skirt...not sure I can make myself change. Some habits are hard to break. :)