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May 3, 2011

31 Days Closer to a Cuter You! Day 3

 She's got Bette Davis Eyes
(and Joan Crawford eyebrows!)

 I have issues.
Eyebrow issues. I've had these issues since birth. I was a bald baby for a year but I had definitive eyebrows! 
Scroll down and check out my little girl eyebrows.

But first check out Bette Davis and Joan Crawford!

Bette Davis Eyes!

Joan Crawford Eyebrows! Beautifully groomed.

Kindergarten eyebrows

Brooke Shields had nothing on me!

1985, I call these my "wowbrows" as in Wow! Those are some thick eyebrows!
2008, darker brows for darker hair

2011, lighter brows for lighter hair

The eyebrows are the frame for your face. You can wax, tweeze or thread. I used to wax until I heard it would cause droopy lids. Yep. Droooopy lids.

 I know it can be a pain and a bit time consuming to maintain, but trust me on this one, you need to groom your brows! It opens up the eye area and it brings a youthful and "cared-for" look to your face. Sometimes I lighten my brows if I have gone lighter on my hair color. Even when I was a little girl with light brownish/blonde hair color, my eyebrows were very dark. I have no problem with changing the color whenever I get a wild hair to do so. Pun intended. (I use Jolen Cream Bleach and watch it very carefully so I don't over bleach. It's easy to use and you can find it at a drugstore.)

Check out this before and after of Julia Roberts.

I rest my case for well groomed eyebrows.

The basic tools you need to groom your brows: 

  • quality tweezers (I like the Tweezerman brand, slant tip.)
  • an eyebrow comb or brush (I use a toothbrush.)
  • small scissors
  • brow powder or pencil if needed to fill in sparse places (I never thought I would need this, but Heaven's to Betsy or Bette Davis, my eyebrows are thinning!)
  • you may need a wax or a brow gel to keep yours in place (You can even put a bit of hair gel on a toothbrush instead of buying brow gel.)
Watch the video above for a good "how to" on grooming your brows. For more information, search youtube for "how to groom eyebrows." Believe me, you'll find all you ever needed to know and then some.
And while we're on the subject of eyebrows, here are some - on Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, in one of my favorite old movies:
"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"


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  1. Thanks...I am one of those who could have a brow all the way across my face...now mine are thinning, but they still need the up keep..thanks for the tip, watching and learning.

  2. You forgot Brooke Shields the total wow-brows of the 80s!!! I wax... please expound on the droopy lids. Please. When I tried to tweeze my grandma thought I had that disease where you pick your eyebrows out as in gone!

  3. I am the proud owner of The Unibrow if I don't practice upkeep. I have unfortunately passed that dreaded trait onto my daughter as well. I confess, she is much better at the upkeep than I am. Of course, she's a teen and spends hours in the bathroom. She has to be doing SOMETHING in there!

    Have you tried threading yet? I bought a Groupon the other day for my daughter & me to try it out, but haven't had a chance yet. Can't wait to see the results!

  4. For so long, I haven't had much of anything. Now that they're back, I haven't done much plucking, but I will as soon as they're full again.

    Had a good walk today; trying to pick up the pace, but it is ever so hard.


  5. O.K., I have an embarrassing admission to make: my eyebrows are thinning now that I'm getting a little older. I actually have to fill them in most days! Ugh. Getting older stinks. :(

  6. I didn't tweeze until I was like 30! Now, watching this, I just want to run in my bathroom and shape and tweeze and trim. Oh..and I didn't trim until like two years ago. Crazy.

  7. What?! Droopy lids? Say it isn't so! I'm a regular waxer and I haven't heard about this yet...now you've got me nervous.

  8. This is very helpful Melanie. I have heavy dark eyebrows also. I never knew you trimmed them! Ok, going to measure in a minute. Oh...I curled my lashes this morning: )B