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May 7, 2011

31 Days Closer to a Cuter You! Day 7 "Go Figure!"

Go Figure!

How to figure out your figure:

Did you have trouble using the celebrity body types to determine yours? 
Try this:
The things I do for this blog!
Put on a pair of yoga pants or something form fitting on the bottom half. Wear a snug camisole or tank on your top half. 
The things my husband (my cameraman) does for this blog!

See if you correctly identified my body type.

Now you can either stand in front of a mirror and evaluate your shape or have your child, husband or friend take a full length picture of yourself. 

A little more help to determine your shape:

H, b, rectangle
  • Notice the width of your shoulders in comparison with your hips. Look at your waist. 
  • Are your shoulders/bust and hips almost the same width and your waist is barely there?
  • You may look very athletic or toned and your weight is mostly evenly distributed but may show up first in the belly area.
  • Your challenge is to define your waist.

I am going to divide the second basic body type into 2 types.
O, apple
  • Do you carry most of your weight in your upper body, specifically your bust and belly? 
  • Are your hips relatively slim compared to your shoulder/bust width? 
  • weight gain is in upper body
  • You may have slim arms and most likely your legs are your best feature.
  • Your challenge is to keep your top half from overpowering your lower half.

 Inverted Triangle (cousin to the O)

  • Broader shoulders than hip line, busty
  • slimmer hips, great legs
  • more athletic looking than the apple shape
  • weight gain in belly/bust/arms
  • Your challenge is to create curves on your lower half while de-emphasizing the relative breadth of your shoulders.
A, d, pear
  • narrower shoulders than hip line
  • relatively thin upper body, small to average bust measurement
  • smaller waist
  • wider hips and may have some "junk in the trunk"
  • weight gain in hips/behind/thighs
  • you probably have a lovely shoulder/collarbone area with slimmer arms
  • Your challenge is to balance the top half with the bottom half.
X, hourglass

  • balanced shoulder/bust and hip measurements
  • often the hourglass figure has the same bust/hip measurements or close to it (within 1 -2 inches)
  • waist is several inches smaller than bust/hip measurements
  • when gaining weight, it tends to be evenly distributed
  • Your challenge is to find a balance between dressing too sloppy or too sexy. 
With all body types, the goal is symmetry.

Come back for more on what to wear to flatter YOUR figure!
Also, if you are having trouble identifying your body type, you can send me a full length picture of yourself (like my pic up top) in form fitting top and bottom and I'll see if I can help a girl out!

(If you identified my body type as an X, you are correct. I am a short x.)  

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  1. *sigh* I feel loved :)

    Thanks for all the extra work you are putting into daily posts and detailed information!

    PS - you look amazing!! :)

  2. Thanks...laughing over the comments at the bottom of the picture...now to get the courage to examine myself and see which type I am...LOL!!! Hey I have to laugh or I might cry! Thanks!

  3. LOVE the pictures. You are so cute. I'm an hourglass...though I've always hesitated saying that because it sounds like I should look like one of the Kardashians. I so DON'T!!!

    But the main thing being that I have proportions similar to what you describe and I gain weight all over. Which is good, because most people can't tell when i gain even 10 pounds. I've always envied women who stay smaller up top and only gain in hips and butt. It's very feminine looking to have that figure...