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Oct 1, 2010

Dream A Little Dream

Ever had one of those dreams that when you first wake in the morning, it takes a minute to realize the dream is not your reality?
I had one of those kind last night and man am I glad it was just a dream!

Recently I was with friends and the subject of dreams came up. I asked, "Don't you love the Flying Dream?" One friend looked at me blankly and the other nodded his head up and down.

My Flying Dream always starts the same. There are people following me in a suspicious manner. So I gently flap my arms and fly just above the tree tops. I never go any higher than that. It's a safe distance. Meanwhile the group on the ground continues to chase after me waiting for me to descend. When I feel myself losing altitude, all I need do is flap a bit and I'm back above the tree tops!
My interpretation: I want to escape the expectations of others and fly freely!
Alternative interpretation: The people on the ground are my family and they want to know what's for dinner.

Another dream I've had throughout the years is the Oops, I Forgot About This Math Class Dream. I haven't liked math since 9th grade when the math teacher humiliated me in class. And it was not because I couldn't solve the problems. It was because I could solve the problems and when I finished my classwork and my homework, I would read my library book. He told me never to bring another library book to his class again. A few days later he transferred me to another class and I won't even finish the disastrous story!
In the Oops, I Forgot About This Math Class Dream, I am a college student and it is the week of finals. I realize that I have never even attended my math class all semester! I am left trying to explain this to the teacher and plead for mercy. This is a very bad dream. Very bad.
My Interpretation: I can't keep all my "ducks in a row" and math is a very bad duck. Very bad.
Alternative Interpretation: I'm an English major. You do the math!

And I save the "best" for last. In the I Don't Know I Am N@ked Dream, I am a teacher and I have an early morning faculty meeting. In this dream sometimes I drive to school and sometimes I walk. Either way it is not until I sit down in the meeting that I am aware that I am completely unclothed. Oh the shock and awe! (Everyone is shocked and I keep saying, "Aw, I'm sorry. Aw, I'm so sorry.")
I sit and try to cover myself as best I can. I look around hoping to borrow a coat, a scarf, a clipboard...! Anything. Slowly the other teachers realize that I am sans clothing, too. As panic rises, I awake.
My Interpretation: I feel inadequate and fear exposure.
Alternative Interpretation: When I say, "I have nothing to wear! It's true!"

Tomorrow, class, we will discuss the When I Open My Mouth, My Teeth Fall Out Dream. That's a bad one, too. Very bad.

Whew! Still have my teeth...

And this is the part where I pretend to be a psychoanalyist (That was hard to spell.) or just a little "psycho." To those dreamers who have asked for my interpretation of your dreams, here goes. Remember I don't really know what your dreams mean, I just pretend I do for this blog post.

2nd Cup of Coffee: Although you have quite a sense of humor, you also have a very serious, pragmatic side. Sometimes others don't get that part of you. That is why in your dream, no one else seems to realize the "seriousness" of the situation. You sometimes feel that "the group" would prefer you have a seat, have a sandwich and tell a joke!

Lilly Belle: When your mother asked, "Lilly Belle, if all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?, she didn't realize that you were the leader of the "jump off a cliffers." Actually, since I have known you for years, I know that you are the "cool kid" that everyone wants to hang out with. Maybe you just want to escape that every once in a while. And jumping off a cliff is a very dramatic way in which to escape. I mean, I just fly above the tree tops!

Laurie: All anyone has to do is read your blog for a while and they will know you are highly creative! And the fact that you have researched why you dream "crazy" dreams, makes me feel I know you a bit better. I am the one who recently told a friend that I may need my own personal "crazy checker."


  1. Hilarious. I dream the flying dream occasionally, too. My most recurring dream is that someone has died, and amongst a group of people, I'm the only one who gets the seriousness of the situation, the only one who wants to call ambulance or mortuary, etc. Everyone just eats sandwiches and watches TV. Your interpretation, please?

  2. OH, what a wonderfully funny post. You made me laugh. I could even relate to a couple of the dreams. I will add one more....the jumping off the cliff dream. Interpretation: Jumping off a cliff.....Sometimes I just want to do that. ;.)

    Lilly Belle

  3. I have (and have always had) the craziest, most vivid, disturbing dreams. They exhaust me! I researched it one time and found a source that says, if you dream crazy all the time, you are on the borderline of highly creative and insanity! Argh! I'm trying to lean toward creative with all my might! Ha! Thanks for sharing today, cool info! Take care :)

  4. I dream the flying dream. Not much lately, but as a child I did all the time. For me, I do think it represents escape from the bad guys. I was the only one who could fly. I always got away. Praise.

    And I dream about my teeth falling out. Many versions of this dream still happen off and on. I think for me this means a couple things. One is I value my teeth and I don't want to lose them. Vanity. LOL. Two, I said something I wish I could put back, but I can't. It's out there and so are my teeth.


    I'm still a dreamer. Especially when I wake up. I dream of flying!! Wings..

    Peace and love,

  5. Oh I really enjoyed this, haha...I have the flying dream too of course. It always amazes me that with as flap of the arms I am airborne. However I frequently land on nearby roof tops and then stand precariously trying not to fall off. What in the world might that mean? haha Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

  6. I dream I am falling, and then, I wake up falling off the bed, lol I love you sis, keep flying.

  7. This is SO FUNNY. I loved reading it.

    I've never had the flying dream, but I love the "meet your favorite book/movie character" dream. Have you ever had that? The other day I interviewed the cast of Lost while I slept. That was fun.

    My version of the I Don't Know I'm N@ked dream is the I Don't Know I've Forgotten to Shave My Legs dream. It's awful.

    And I absolutely hate the I've Forgotten to Do My Homework dream.

  8. You're a very funny lady. And I'm glad you still have all your teeth.

  9. Oh Melanie, another topic we need to explore when we next meet. I dream often. One of my recurring dreams is that I go to my school locker and find books for a class. I forgot that I even had that class and I never attended.

    I love the videos! Glee has such a talented cast and my husband enjoys watching. Doris Day is an all time favorite.

    I've had two very dramatic dreams in my lifetime. I won't go into them here but let's just say ...the Lord was really getting my attention.

    Love you,