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Oct 11, 2010

College Girl Meets Southern Boy ~ part 4

So, what is a piggy park?

Turns out it was famous in Upson County. I had been living in the town for several weeks and had never heard of the pig park. It was not a subject of discussion where I worked.

Work. What a disappointment. I had ended up in the position of the woman who had encouraged me to submit my resume. Oops. Not good. I got her job in the administrative building and she got moved across the street to the service building. After that, everytime I was introduced to an employee in the service building, I got the evil eye.
What a way to put your best foot forward and make new friends in a new town. 

Speaking of feet, I wondered if I was going to ruin my pumps at the pig park. Well…I probably won’t even get out. I'll just roll my window down and wave to the little pigs.

Down Hiway 19 we drove in the dark. My date turned into a fast food place and pulled up to a speaker.

He ordered, “I’ll have the Hamburger Deluxe. Make that two. With Cokes.”

“Are we eating before we go see the pigs?” I asked.

“Look at the sign.”

I turned around and read the big sign at the edge of the Hiway.


“Since 1950”

If you ever find yourself in Thomaston, Georgia, do stop in at the Piggie Park and wave at the little pigs. Tell them I sent you.
(more to come...oink, oink)


  1. wee wee wee...loving the story. Who need to embellish when you have a Piggie Park! B
    Oh my...you and Audra look so much alike. beautiful.

  2. Ahhhh I should of known.....loving your story.
    Happy Monday.....:-) Hugs

  3. I seem to remember some of those oink oink places myself! :)

  4. Hahaha! But seriously, I thought Teddy in his pig costume was going to feature in this installment ;-)

  5. That is too cute!!! Such a precious story.