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Oct 21, 2010

Random Dozen!

The questions are here: http://2nd-cup-of-coffee.blogspot.com/2010/10/random-dozen-i-get-by-with-little-help.html
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Do you prefer to read the book or see the movie?
I rarely read fiction, so I would say the movie...however, I only watch comedies.

2. What is your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday used to be Thanksgiving ~ family and food but none of the gift giving pressure. But since Andrew went to Heaven last December, I'm not into holidays. In fact, I would like to fast forward through Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

3. Which do you like better - the mountains or the beach?
Beach and fortunately I live just a few minutes from one.
4. If money were no consideration, what vehicle would you drive?
I have no clue. I never think about that.
5. What is your favorite cold-weather beverage?
Unsweetened tea and Simply Lemonade...heavier on the tea. Cold weather, hot weather - it doesn't matter in Florida.
6. How do you communicate most often with your friends: phone, email, text, face-to-face, or Facebook?
I do not like talking on the phone unless I really have to or need to return a call to family or friend. So...email or FB is much better than the phone. Face to face is best.
7. How do you receive your mail? Mailbox on the porch, at the end of the driveway, down the street, or post office box?
Mailbox at end of drive.
8. Of the four basic personality types - sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic, and choleric - which is your strongest? Which is your least evident? (See definitions below.)
Most evident: melancholy Least: Sanguine (I think way too much!)
9. What do you miss the most about being 20?
Looking forward to the earthly future. Now I look forward to Heaven.
10. How long from the time you get up, does it take you to get ready to walk out the door in the morning?
I don't work outside the home, so I get my coffee, change my clothes and take the dog out. That takes a couple of hours....just kidding...it only takes a few minutes b/c sometimes I take him out in my pj's.
11. Who handles the car maintenance and pays the bills in your family?
My man mostly. Sometimes I will change the oil. Just kidding. Sometimes I take care of some of the bills. I used to be the bill payer 100% of the time. Life changes.
12. For those in the US, how many states have you visited? For those outside the US, how many provinces/other countries have you visited?
I have lived in 11 states and have visited more than that.


  1. It's always fun to learn more about you Melanie. I really miss the beach as I grew up on Long Island and as you know lived in Florida for a few years. We're land locked in Arizona. I can totally understand about the upcoming holidays. And do you know what? I'm longing for heaven too. Sometimes life is so hard but I guess the Lord still has work for us to do and people to share the Truth with.

    Blessings and love,

  2. I know these holidays are going to be painful Mel but I also know you will do what you have too to ease the pain for your husband and children. God Bless you sweetie, I am praying for all of you, Andrew would want you to be happy and he is as close to you as your heart.
    ......:-) Hugs

  3. I would love to live by a beach, Melanie. Your answers are so up front and personal! I understand about the holidays. Somehow, by the grace of God you will get through them, and even one day may look forward to them. I would love to hear you speak again...maybe post something special for Christian women/mothers/wives.

  4. Melanie,
    I would love a copy of your CD.
    We are in this grief ocean together.
    I love you,
    Glenda Parrish
    (from Roof With A View or Finding Hope In Times of Grief) incase you don't remember.
    email pgparrish@bellsouth.net