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Sep 30, 2010


Garlic Rosemary Chicken

1 (5 pound) roasting chicken, skinned
2 (5 inch) rosemary sprigs
2 celery stalks with leaves, each cut into 4 pieces
2 small onions, quartered
16 garlic cloves
1 T lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp paprika
Rosemary sprigs (optional)
1 lemon, halved (optional)

Remove and discard giblets and neck from chicken. Rinse chicken under cold water; pat dry.
Trim excess fat. Place 2 rosemary sprigs, celery, 4 onion wedges, and 4 garlic cloves in cavity of chicken, and tie legs together with twine. Place chicken, breast side up, in a 4-quart electric slow cooker; add remaining onion and garlic to cooker. Drizzle lemon juice over chicken; sprinkle with next 3 ingredients. Cover with lid; cook on high-heat setting 1 hour. Reduce to low-heat setting, and cook 6 hours or until chicken is tender. Discard rosemary. Serve chicken with vegetables and garlic. Garnish with additional rosemary sprigs and lemon halves, if desired.

What I do: My chicken is usually between 3 - 4 pounds and I don't remove the skin. I have used dried rosemary but do use a real lemon (as opposed to an artificial one; those are hard to juice).
I don't measure things unless I'm baking so I'm pretty sure I've never used 16 cloves of garlic. And I never have twine for the legs. I just tell that chicken to be a good little bird and keep her lugs tucked in. Also I have hurried the cooking process by cooking on high for 4 - 5 hours.
But this chicken turns out really well and somehow it even browns!
recipe from this book


  1. Wow, what an awesome picture!! We love chicken in the crockpot so I'll definitely use this, especially with Publix Greenwise whole chicken. But I'm a little surprised that the southerner in you allows your giblets to be discarded. :) I love them in the crockpot or stockpot!

  2. Lilly Belle LielimmerSeptember 30, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    Hello friend....going to try and post a comment. Thanks for walking me through it.

    The slow cooker chicken recipe sounds great...can't wait to try it. Still have a few sprigs of Rosemary in my garden.

  3. this looks delicious, and i'm always looking for
    recipes for my crock pot!

    thank you.

  4. Oh, that looks SO YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Looks very delicious sis, thanks.

  6. This looks so good, especially since you can make it in the slow cooker. I hate to heat up this small house since it's still hot here in Arizona. I also love the smell of food cooking that spreads so readily in the house.

    Love you,

  7. The word chicken caught my eye. :) Thanks for sharing a recipe with us.

  8. Looks yummy! I made cinnamon bread and cream of broccoli soup today. A blessing to eat something with color!