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Sep 9, 2010

Sharing Hearts

Monday I met Debbie from Heart Choices. We enjoyed a walk through her sister's neighborhood which is very near my neighborhood. If you see a little "glow" in this picture it's because we are post walk in the Florida humidity!
What a pleasure to meet this sister in Christ and to chat awhile about the goodness of God. A side bonus was meeting her lovely sister, gracious brother-in-law and sweet daddy.

Debbie & Melanie

Debbie, Lisa, Melanie
Then who should appear at the door but Lisa from Sharing Life with Lisa!
Lisa is vivacious and lights up the house. We were able to pray together and I was the recipient of love and hugs from both of these sweet sisters. What a glorious place Heaven will be when the whole family gathers and we put our feet under the table and feast.
I wonder if we will be taking pictures then?

Hey! If you are ever in my area (Tampa Bay), let me know. The beach is only 10 minutes from me (unless it's Spring Break). I'll take you to my favorite sandy spot.


  1. Oh Melanie, I loved meeting you in person! You have such a sweet spirit of love. How precious you are and so kind to my little sis. Thank you so much for that.

    In the midst of a season of trial, I've gained weight and focused on the problems way too much. However, this wedding weekend was just what I needed to be refreshed. I not only spent time with family after being away for more than two years, but I got to spend time with two awesome Christian sisters; you and Lisa. What a blessing! Thank you for taking the time to do this Melanie.

    love and hugs,

  2. Melanie,

    How neat that you were all able to meet and spend a little time together. It is really kind of funny how well you feel you come to know people through their blogs. But like you said, I like to think about heaven and how we will all greet one another some day. Have a wonderful day. HUGS, Debbie

  3. Oh how neat!!! OK, I'm officially jealous...

    I'll repent, don't worry.

    What a blessing for all of you. I'm praying I meet you before that feast in heaven♥

  4. Oh how fun! And what a blessing for Lisa to be a part of your special time as well. I'm sure your prayer time was powerful! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings to you~
    Cindy :)

  5. How great Melanie! I am so glad you were able to meet--I know that Lisa and so many others prayed long hard prayers for your strength and for Andrew. God is ever so faithful!

    May the hugs that you felt from these incredible hearts warm you greatly in the days to come as you "run on" for HIM!

  6. I have followed Debbie's blog for quite some time and even though we both live in the Phoenix area, we have never met - silly us! So glad you had the chance! Blessings to you!

  7. I would feel so blessed to meet you sis, love you.