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Sep 13, 2010


Salmon Patty Slider
I am so in awe of my mother. She made the best suppers every day for years and years and years. Two things we could always count on for supper: our beverage was always tea (Sweet - We didn't know it was served unsweetened.) and either cornbread  homemade in a cast iron skillet or biscuits from scratch. There was never anything instant and every meal was always delicious!

Salmon Love at First Bite
Some days I am stumped for what to fix. And I have to admit that lately meal planning has fallen to the wayside.

Tonight's dinner was inspired by WWMM ~ What Would Mother Make?
Salmon sliders
When Mother made salmon patties, it was usually accompanied by cottage fries and onions, LaSeur English peas and biscuits.
My meal tonight was: salmon patty sliders, purple hulled peas, and tater tots!

I never make salmon patties the same way twice.
However, the basic recipe calls for a can of drained salmon, diced onion, diced bell pepper (mine aren't so diced ~ no patience for dicing), one egg, 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs and salt/pepper to taste.
I dredge the patties in cornmeal then fry in a bit of canola oil, turning once.
I googled "salmon patties" and there are lots of variations.

Do you make salmon patties?

See this site from Alaska Seafood dot org for the health benefits of canned salmon and recipes.


  1. Funny how you forget about what to cook... I love salmon patties and my mil used to make them all the time. Dinner tomorrow night! Thanks! :)

  2. My Mom always made them but with tuna and they are still one of my favorite meals...and she used potatoes in hers...boiled 2 or 3 red potatoes with the skin on them and then drained them and mashed them up....(no bread crumbs) She also added celery salt..and
    since I don't cook this is probably the only recipe you will ever get from me...But we use the corn meal and turn them once...

  3. I LOOOVE your new bloggy look! You are so beautiful Mella Bella!

  4. P.S.... it'll have to wait a day or 2 till I get my LeSeur peas... EXACTLY what my mil did and it won't seem right until I have them! :)

  5. I don't do salmon patties, but I do make my cornbread in a black cast iron skillet! There is no other way! And tea is only sweet at the Hood house!!
    Love ya!

  6. Never made salmon patties but you are inspiring me to try =)

    Love, love, love the fresh new look here Melanie. Praying for you today may you have a beautiful Wednesday sweet friend.

  7. I wish I like salmon, but I just don't no matter how often I try:(

  8. "What Would Mother Make?" - I love it.

    And I can totally relate - I never knew tea was served unsweetened until I was about 25.

  9. I had never made salmon patties until the day after I read this post! I remember my mother making them often, and I always turned my nose up because of the way the kitchen smelled. I would not try them then, but I love salmon now, so I tried making the patties and my husband and I loved them! Thanks for the inspiration on trying a new dish. I love making something new and tasty!